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Stuck on the scales


I haven't posted for awhile as life has been busy, I hurt my hip whilst running and have been concentrating on getting it better.

Luckily the NHS have been fab and I was seen by a physio within two days of doing my self referral. I had to change my exercise program so I am currently doing two Pilates sessions a week, two spinning classes and one gym session, I am eating healthy, with only one bottle a wine a week and 1/2 bag of tortilla chips a week so you would imagine the weight dropping off but no! I have been stuck on 81kg for the past 3 weeks - where am I going wrong?

I feel so depressed as I would love for the scales to get under the 80kg mark and 74kg goal weight now seems so unrealistic !?! 😢

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Life throws us these dramas! I think you've just hit plateau, happened to me a couple of times in the past.

Plateau by its very title, is when the body gets used to your routine of diet/ excercises, and then ceases to lose weight. The method I have used is to over eat by 200 to 300 cals for a couple of days and then go back to your allowance.

This should restart your weight loss, I tend these days to mix stuff up, and slightly overeat , say 1600 cals rather than 1500 most days, so prob why I've not had plateau at all.

I hope your hip continues to get better . Xx

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What I meant was overeat one or two dats a week


Thanks for the input, I think I will try this method sounds like a good plan 😊 👍


I was the same - no movement on the scales for WEEKS. This week I lost 5lb. It will start moving again eventually but try not to fall off the wagon while you wait.

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Lets hope so, very tempted to feel so bumed down and delve right into the junk! Hence the post to get the right motivational talk from others (like yourself) which will keep my mind on the right track 😊


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