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Do I inform my friends?

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Going to be in the gym with my good friend

Do I tell her yeah this is my first day on diet?

Even tho I've told everyone this so many times

But I keep failing after day one or two ? πŸ˜·πŸ‘ŽπŸ΄

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Hi Bonni,

Why not say nothing and give yourself no pressure, focus on healthy eating and exercise and ditch the 'diet' word.

Makes life so much easier


Hey Flossie, we were on the same page. All i have to do is take my own advice .

Nope because you,re not dieting. You are eating healthily and considering what you eat. Better skin, better body shape, better health. You never know you might sell it to her too. ☺☺


I was going to say exactly what Flossie's said :)

If you change your mindset, you'll change the outcome :)

don't tell her, try not to tell anyone if you can

good that your going to the gym, why not say ur on your first day of committing to more exercise and ud love her to support going to the gym etc

as soon as you tell people they ask you how its going and if uve lost weight and if you haven't lost you feel bad having to reply, if they don't know then they wont ask!

also theres nothing worse than telling ur skinnier friend ur on a diet and managing to lose then they also diet and get skinnier lol

everyone is right don't think of it as a diet, just sensible eating :)

Thank you

Hi Bonni1,

I would keep your own counsel on this if I were you, sometimes even our dearest friends will try to tempt us once we let them in on our healthy eating plans. I began the 12 week diet last March, my lovely husband bought me the biggest Easter egg he could find then acted all crushed and dejected when I told him I wasn't going to eat it! You have to laugh.

Bonni1 in reply to Jenever

My husband woke me up out of my sleep (after a bottle of wine )

By putting chocolate cake in my mouth

He had brought me up cake and custard and knew I couldn't resist

Not good

Bonni1 in reply to Bonni1

Last night

Today is day one of 12 week plan

It's not really something she needs to know. I'd only mention it if she tried to strong arm me into eating something I didn't want to.

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