The Infamous Backyard

The Infamous Backyard

Firstly I wanted to thank all of you who have left me such wonderful comments and message since my last post, where I was feeling quite lost and depressed about things.

As per my last post I wrote up my list of things to be done in the backyard each day and have stuck to it solidly, ensuring even when I was not interested I still completed the assigned tasks - because thats what us grown ups are supposed to be doing apparently! :)

One of the tasks I had allocated next to last, before laying grass seed, was leveling the entire backyard. At the moment it's just dirt that I have dug up and its a mess, piles everywhere, holes etc..

I told myself that it was logical to do this just before laying the grass seed in 3 weeks time but in reality I was simply putting off what can only be described as a crap job.

On the spur of the moment I had today off from work (I work weekends so my weekend is usually Tue/Wed) and decided to just get the worst job out of the way.

Leveling an entire backyard with a landscaping rake and a shovel is NOT fun and takes forever to do properly but I bit the bullet and got about 80% of it done today after 8 hours of solid work. The most tedious part is walking every single centimetre of it on my heels to push down the soil and find any small holes which need to be filled - fascinating stuff.

I should have it finished in the morning but just looking at it a couple hours ago with most of it level and not looking like the apocalypse had hit makes a huge difference.

Attached is a partial list of what has been done and what is to come so you can really live my experience and I'll give you another update next Monday, including some before and during photos.

I am sure you will find it almost as fascinating as that time that Aunty Ethel sat you down to give you a slideshow of her 370 happy snaps, including running commentary, of her one week holiday in Majorca. :D

Have a great Monday you lovely brits!

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16 Replies

  • What a wonderful Monday morning post. Actually, that backyard is one of THE things I really wanted to hear about this week so YES I'm interested!!! Please keep us updated and I'm so pleased to hear you've stuck to your plan !!

  • Ha ha Dave, it's great to have you back on form again :)

    I take my hat off to you for your tenacity/sheer bloody mindedness :) That list is absolutely horrifying! I love nice gardens, but absolutely loathe gardening. However, what you're doing isn't even gardening, it's landscaping big time!

    Can't wait to see your before, during and after pics, they'll be far more interesting than Auntie Ethel's holiday snaps, especially accompanied by your characteristic repartee :)

    Keep up the good work, it'll all be worth it in the end.

    Good on ya cobber! :)

  • Morning Dave1961

    Brilliant!! So delighted to hear that you are making progress and you already sound like you are in a much brighter place. Sorry but I'm not qualified or experienced in depression and never quite know what to say for fear of saying exactly the wrong thing.

    I hope posting here and the support from the forum helps in some way and I for one am looking forward to seeing the results of your hard labour.

  • Hi Dave,

    What a fab post just the thing for a glum, cold Monday over the pond! 😃

    What a week you've had !!! Glad you were able to push through the difficult bits and I look forward to seeing the photos honest!! lol

    You've inspired me,my garden needs a clear, all the pots need cleared and winter pansies planted,the roses need cut down, so I'm going to make a list and over the week get cracking😃

    Hope your week stays steady{{{{hug}}}}


  • Love it Dave XXX

  • im really glad u got ur backyard almost done and took a big step to getting it finished! it must feel like an achievement!

  • Dave, you are going to have a fabulous garden in no time at all. We will all envy it. I can picture it now. Think of all those calories burnt too. Can,t stop i,ve a garden to catch up on. Pics please, please,please. Xx

  • Hi Dave,

    Love your list - very professional and organised. I have been inspired by your ability to put aside procrastination, even in the midst of difficult emotions and obstacles, and move forward to make some differences. I already mentioned to you in the weigh-in thread that you have inspired me to also get on with some tasks I had been avoiding and/or putting off. Thank you! I needed a push in the right direction.

    Good luck with your weight loss goal for this week too - I know you'll achieve it - you spoke so confidently of getting there, and I know you will. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yay! You've done loads of work! You also inspired me with your last post to make a list and stick to it and guess what? My living rooms is nearly done! So keep on posting. You're not Aunty Ethel and I cannot wait for the update.

  • Well done, not quite aunty Ethel, stuff!

    You've now obviously got more motivation to do stuff, not sure I would, all by yourself too.

    Hope you continue to feel brighter, upbeat and eat well this week! X

  • My aunt Ethel used to go nude hiking with the mayor and the headmaster of my children's school. Just saying...

    Inspired by your efforts, photos please.

  • That's great news, Dave!

  • Dave, what can I say, "BRILLIANT". You have produced a plan worthy of any "Project Manager". On top of that, you have done what many project managers don't do, YOU, implemented the plan. You have re awakened my interest in S.M.AR.T plans.






    In your plan you even mention what logically needs to be done first (often referred to as precedents and dependents).

    You have taught me to revisit some of my own plans, including dieting. Thank you so much :)

    I'm a little concerned that you worked so hard for 8 hours though, but, so pleased to hear you have 80% of the work done.

    Well done, I'm astounded :D

  • Gosh you have reminded me about so many of the terms I used to take for granted and have all but forgotten :)

    Now lets see how I go on reaching my final deliverable! So far I am under budget and ahead of schedule but I must admit I have built in a fair bit of contingency.

    Funny how just prodding that bit of my brain to start thinking in that way makes me feel more business like about the whole thing lol

    And yes - we definitely need to be more focused on our weight loss deliverables and even build in some risk management so that if and when we slip up we don't just let the whole project grind to a halt.

    I think I need a gantt chart! :D

  • Dave, that really made me chuckle out loud. :D :D :D

  • Me too. Go gantt

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