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Starting to take my weightloss seriously

Evenin' all!

So I've never done this before. The forum and all. I had a baby 6 months ago and had a terrible pregnancy and terrible, almost maternally fatal, birth. I couldn't exercise for 5 months due to complications but now I can... but as somebody who has never watched what they ate, I must admit to feeling very overwhelmed although determined to persevere. This NHS weightloss plan thing looks nice and comprehensive, so I'm going to try it out. And I've read forums are a great source of support

Any tips or advice would be most welcome! I live in Paris so there's a whole different food culture here, and LOADS of pressure on us girls to be stick thin after popping out our little ones!

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Welcome , it's fab the the group here, masses of ideas. I hope you and your baby are now well and strong, and enjoying life.

My biggest tip is tea.........not your standard British cuppa, fab herbal tea, I'm a big fan of Clipper tea. A great comfort tea, soothing, warming, without the cals, is what is needed for me at times.

My next biggest tip is always have roughly 100 cal snacks In your handbag, to use with your friends out, or save you from hunger if you are out too long, unexpectedly.

Good luck with the NHS plan xx


Great Idea... often I'm not actually hungry, just thirsty or wanting to comfort eat something... tea is a great idea!

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Hi Jellymummy. This is a really supportive forum so hopefully it will be a great help to you.

Like Diana I am a fan of 100 cal snacks or treats - I usually have a 100 cal treat a day, I find it really helps.

Portion control is another area to look at it is amazing how much we all seem to overeat as portion sizes seem to be out of control.

I hope you and you little one are now healthy again. My sister had a terrible time when she had my nephew many moons ago and she seemed so ill and knackered for so long and it turned out she was anaemic - no one bothered to check her levels despite all she'd been through! I just thought I'd mention it just in case it is relevant to you.

Anyway, good luck with your endeavours and hopefully you will be posting a loss soon :)


I've only just got over my severe anaemia now, which is why I can start to diet and exercise.

Thanks so much for the reply!

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Sounds very nasty, I do feel for you, hopefully a new 'bloom' ( which normally happens in pregnancy) will be upon you soon, and a beautiful , happy and content baby too.


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