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Had a bleep but back on it

I suffer from a bad back and knee and I was doing brill until yesterday I stayed in bed all day hardly ate or drank and then last night had Pizza Hut pizza & cookie dough and ice cream.

Today my back and knee have eased off from the rest so planning & prepping my food and off to box circuits today.

I have arthritis in my lower back & knee just coming to terms with this as I am only 45 and I am on strong pain killers most days I keep moving and don't let it beat me but yesterday was a I feel sorry for myself day which I rarely do.

How do you stop yourself from going for easy comfort food

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Welcome to the arthritis club :D im 64 and have arthritis in lower back and both hips. Like you , on strong painkillers. I dont think im the best advice guru round here, what I would say tho, is the only way to beat a binge is to put it in the same place as you put the empty container - in the bin ! BIN IT! put it behind you, you cant recover it ,and its gone. Move on, and get back to whichever plan you follow as soon as.

Good luck and " commises" on your pain



Thank you that's what I have done it's done I can't undo it had the pain killers and off to thefts this afternoon to get my body moving as it eases the pain a bit x

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Hi, its not easy trying to do exercises when got knee or back problems..I have back problems and suffer from muscle cramps on my legs..so some weeks better than others..ive been doing gentle walking then sit down when needed..I want to do more energetic exercises but I dare not at moment..as long as you get do some other forms of extra exercises, swimming good when in alot of joint pain..have a good week..stick with it...every pound you lose is good to ease pain too..comfort eating is my pitfall too,its not easy..ive tried just eating half of what I would grap ...

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I had an operation I my back where they burnt the nerves which eased siactica symptoms down my leg after I trained and did a 20 mile walk in July had a personal trainer as I have to strengthen my core then my knee started hurting.

Last couple of weeks my knee and my back have got worse so I am going to seem pain management consultant who did the op.

Even doing a mile walk at the moment hurts so I know my back is getting bad again so frustrating to tone pain free for months for it to come back plus knee now.

This 12 week plan helps but yesterday was a bad day and I have to look forward and not let arthritis take over my life this time and getting my binge eating under control after I have been so good with my healthy lifestyle eating lol.


You need to prepare for days such as yesterday and instead of bingeing on rubbish because you're in too much pain, make sure you have meals in the freezer that need nothing more than a zap in the microwave and how long does it take to get a glass of water?

Where there's a will, there's a way, but there has to be a will to start with.

Maybe you'd be better with less vigourous exercise, which is likely to exacerbate your pain and stick to something like swimming that you'll be able to do more often. Exercise is not necessary for weightloss, only for health and wellbeing, but if it's going to result in you taking to your bed, it's counterproductive.

Good luck with your pain and beating the binge beastie :)

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