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Last day of first week

This is the last day of my first week the first time I have ever counted calories and it has been a chore as I have said many times this week. I went to the theatre Thursday and instead of eating out before as usual I stayed home and weighed and counted the meal i prepared. I am slightly apprehensive about weighing myself tomorrow if there is no loss or a very little loss how will I feel?

Saying that the reason I went on this diet is the amount of fat around my middle and the fact that I no longer wear skirts because I don't have a waist anymore so I am going to hope waist measurement reduces more than I hope for big loss in pounds. Fingers crossed.

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Hey well done for getting through the week. I hope it was a good night at the theatre. I am sure that the scales and tape measure will reflect all the effort. You will back in skirts sooner than you think.💃🏾

For what it is worth I lost inches of my waist much faster than actual pounds on the scale. My Fitness Pal is brilliant for highlighting that. 👍🏼


Hi Irmagee,

calorie counting does take time at the beginning, but it does get easier!

I also use My Fitness Pal, and I have saved my breakfast into recipes and can now add it quickly by selecting 'breakfast'. A bit of time spent on adding your favourite /most frequent recipes can make it much easier 😊

My weight loss varies, some weeks not much, other more. I don't measure my waist regularly, but I know it has gone down as I have worn a pair of trousers the other day that haven't seen any daylight in over a year 😎

Still a bit tight but getting there.

Sometimes when I think it's taking a long time I have to remind myself that the pounds didn't appear overnight, and that a slower loss is more likely to be more sustainable.

And most importantly - when you are at a low point, write it here as the support and encouragement is fantastic!!!!!!!

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Hi, I hope your weigh-in goes well. Always nerve racking but whatever the just keep going it is the only way.

I don't really calorie count but have a lot to lose so don't really need to. What I have done though is worked out the calories in the evening meals I usually eat. During week days I eat the same for breakfast and lunch. So whilst I don't calories I have an idea how many calories I am eating every day. This works for me. Not sure if this is something you could work out too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


As said above, my fitness pal is a very easy way to count calories and once you get used to how much 100g of pasta, say, looks like it gets easier. It's worth persevering - it helped me to make a list of what weights of items looked like (eg 1 tablespoon of flour 20g, 100g of rice half a tea cup or whatever), then you don't need to use the scales every time and things get quicker. MFP also has a good thing where you can put your own recipes in and work out the calories per portion. As I mostly cook meals from scratch, this has really helped speed things up now that I have quite a library of recipes saved.

If a waistline is your aim, can I recommend a weighted hula hoop? You can stand and hula while you're watching tv in the evening (the kids will laugh at you, but take no notice of them). It doesn't burn many calories, but it gives your midriff a nice workout for not much effort. I got mine from Tesco for about a tenner.

Good luck, and keep going - it will all be worth it.

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Thanks so much to all of you who replied with tips and encouragement

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I have to agree with the others, I know what a 1/4 cup ( American one ) is in cals, I don't use my fitness pal, but have worked out cals. I bought some digital scales and they help too, you weigh so accurately with them too


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