Just off the exercise bike...and a question

Getting back on the exercise bike today 😃

I am now just hoping I cam hold onto this buzz from feeling healthy and making a change!

but my question is...breakfast!!??

Do we eat before it after we exercise? I have found that I am less motivated to exercise after I've eaten, but I also don't want to binge eat breakfast just because I have worked up an appetite???

What do people find works for them??

thanks and enjoy healthy living


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5 Replies

  • If I'm doing exercise in the morning (i.e. before 10am) I will always leave breakfast 'til afterwards (although might sometimes have 1/2 banana or something). Nothing worse than eating breakfast early, doing loads of exercise to work up an appetite and not being able to eat 'til lunch !! :-)

  • Split breakfast seems like a good idea, something little to get me going and stop me feeling unwell. Thanks for your help 😊

  • apparently you burn more calories doing exercise before breakfast however you run the risk of causing dizziness or feeling unwell, could you split your breakfast? have a little bit before you exercise and the rest after? i.e. 10g of cereal and the other 20g after? or a banana before and porridge after?

  • Hi, if doing exercises early morning then I dont eat til I finished doing workout..but if doing exercises much later time then I would have breakfast first then an hour and half later work out..

  • I like a split breakfast too if I'm exercising in the morning. Half a banana beforehand then the rest of it with some all bran afterwards, or something like that.

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