If I can do it there's hope for you all!

If I can do it there's hope for you all!

Hi everyone, not sure I've ever posted before but I have left comments hoping to encourage others on their posts.

I never thought I'd be able to get my weight in check, I've lost weight in the past but never enjoyed my food doing it or managed to keep it off. Eventually I always ended up falling off the wagon! But somewhere between last Christmas and New year's something clicked into place in my sweet addicted brain and I started to make changes to my eating habits. Now for me counting calories and keeping a food diary seems to depress me so I decided not to do one this time. I just switched to healthier options one at a time, eating more vegetarian meals, reducing gluten in my diet but never ignored my sweet tooth. I tend to pay more attention to calories when I'm in the shop. I learnt lots of little tricks along the way to stop my constant evening snacking. Don't get me wrong this has been very hard to re-train myself and I've panicked about eating out and having bad weeks when I feel nothing but hungry but this has helped me learn to listen to what my body's trying to tell me! I let myself have that big burger once every month or 2 as my body is not getting a lot of meat anymore and I've even learned not to feel guilty anymore.

I want to encourage you all to try making your own life long changes that suit you. I don't expect my way to be the way for everyone, we're all different after all but we can all learn to listen to our bodies.

So to let you all know where I started from, I was 20st 7lbs last christmas. This morning I weigh 14st 11lbs, that's over 5 and a half st in less than 10 months! (Hopefully you can see the photo I'm trying to post with this) I have kept regular appointments with my doctor to check I'm losing weight carefully and with the encouragement of friends, family and reading your posts on here everyday, you have all helped me to succeed! Thank you all and I wish you all luck and determination to succeed on your journeys to a healthier and happier you! Xx


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11 Replies

  • Fantastic achievement over 10 months, well done you should be very proud of yourself.

  • WOW! Great job and a real inspiration :-) you must be very proud.

  • Oh wow LMB!! What an amazing achievement! You look absolutely fabulous :)

    Such a huge difference in 10 months is phenomenal, well done you! :)

    Thanks so much for the inspiration, encouragement and pics. You really have made it all seem worthwhile and doable.

  • WOW, you look great. you are going to be my inspiration to lose 4 stone. Well done you :)

  • Just joined this week. This really is inspirational. What a fantastic achievement. Perhaps There is hope for me also.

  • Hi LMB001,

    Wow, that's such an inspiring post, and you look great! Congratulations on your amazing weight loss.

    Really glad you shared your progress and what a great first post! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you for writing this. It has come when I really needed it and I'm so pleased I clicked on it this morning. 5 days into my lifestyle change (not diet) and I'm feeling a bit low and have been plotting a feeding frenzy but reading this has made me change my mind.

    Changing is hard and I hate hard!

    But then the end result will be so worth it. I've just got to stick it.

    Thanks again for your inspirational post!

    Best of wishes

  • Congratulations 🌹🌺🌸

    You must be soooo proud, well done !!!

  • Well done - such a great achievement :)

  • Hi,

    I took your advise and read your post - I'm so glad I did!

    What a fantastic achievement - well done :-)

    You talk a lot of sense when speaking about making gradual changes, making ones that you can stick to and making an eating plan that is designed for you.

    I have done slimming world in the past (it works perfectly) but the changes were too drastic for me and the constant counting of sins smacks of DIETING. So it didn't take long for me to start rebelling once the weight was off.

    This time I am going to really 'think' about what I can change food wise and not have to count, measure or feel deprived.

    The kind of things I'm thinking of...

    Change white bread for brown.

    Revert back to my black coffee instead of white (which I like and only started taking milk again because black coffee smacked of DIET. (Why does the brain think like that Grrrr)

    Use smaller plate.

    More veg on plate than protein or carbs (again the brain says fill the plate with carbs, even though I LOVE veg)

    The evening snacking is a problem - so advise on this would be great!!!


    Patsy :-)

  • Brilliant well done you.was at the exact weight you where February lost over 15 pounds,will be so happy if I achieve what u have in the next 8 months.so inspiring.

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