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12 weeks on

I started the 12 week plan on a Wednesday and aimed to lose a stone. I was 9st7, the heaviest I've ever been (I'm only 5ft2) and was aiming to get to 8st 7. This morning I stepped on the scales and it said 54.1 kg in metric which I quickly converted to 8st7. Result!

Better than that, I've developed much better cooking and eating habits so hopefully can maintain. Thank you for all your support. This is not the end! I'll still be dropping in on the forum and using mfp to check I'm doing ok.😄

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Result!! WTG you! :)

How fantastic for you, you'll need to stick around to give us all pointers :)


Hi Carolee,

That is fantastic that you've achieved your goal weight within the 12 week NHS plan duration - really great! Many Congratulations! :-)

Glad you hear you'll still be dropping in on the forum, and good luck with maintaining.

Have a great weekend when it comes - not long now!

Lowcal :-)


Well done you ...do post on your maintaining....


Congrats Carolee and welcome to the maintaining gang. That's so cool, you achieved what you set out to do, and i know it hasn't always been easy. I'm sure you'll be fine, but yes, please stick around on here in case we need you, or you need us :)


Definitely, Ruth. I really appreciate all the advice and support from you, Lowcal and the rest of the Fab 5 and everyone really so I'll be back!


Way to go hun, superb result. Chuffed to bits for you 😊


Aw, thanks Shellie. A few ups and downs but what a ride!


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