been useless

Hi, pretty rubbish at the moment of keeping to diet. I do have a lot going on which is stressful, therefore, I do need to clear up stuff and move on. I am planning to clear my head this weekend and give it all another go. At least I am walking and swimming, but must motivate myself to do more. cheers and good luck to you all look for the bigger picture. :)


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7 Replies

  • Hi Netty-123 I hope you are feeling much better soon and that those stresses go away. Taking some time to clear your head this week and focus on just you and your journey will hopefully sort things out. Try and focus on the good and not the bad and the ugly and things should start looking rosie

    Good luck x

  • How intensely are you exercising, and how frequently? More isn't necessarily better. The first thing we have to do following a bout of activity is recover, before we can adapt and improve our capacity.

    As an esteemed doctor said in the summer, we can't outrun a bad diet.

  • Walking and swimming sounds great. Don't stress about needing to do more, do what you can when you can. And be proud of yourself for what you do achieve. Good luck with moving on and don't be down on yourself. You will get there one step at a time 😃

  • Hi Netty, doing well! Just enjoy the exercise you've chosen...just a thought though, even when I love walking, if I don't jump to it, I may decide not to's that inner voice getting in the way sometimes!

  • thanks

  • You can only do what you can. Sometimes you just can't. Don't give yourself too hard a time. You will be able to concentrate on it all another time. Keeping up with the exercise will make it easier when you do and help you feel better.

  • Thanks and appreciate your support.

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