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Day 5

So here I am , still going along pretty well on this 80s plan of mine. Im feeling confident - ironic though, if after all these years, I was to find inspiration in the pages of a book that's been in my collection since 1986...if the book could talk it might say.."so you decided to use me already ? ..."

I've made myself an Amish salad for dinner, and am making a fish and vegetable mix for tea with 1 oz grated cheese on. When I first joined this forum, I remember Portland princess asking me if I could find some way of cooking for myself, at the time I was totally a readymeal microwave girl. I didn't think it would be easy since I have to share the kitchen , but it just goes to show you can do it if you try. I've already got into a routine now, of preparing veg in the morning before my mum starts to cook and then just timing myself to avoid us getting on each others toes. Well wow !!! That's not brain surgery !!! You are probably all saying. But id made it into a reason why I HAD to use readymeals. I think the more realistic term is EXCUSE !! But we all make them for ourselves I think.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know im still jigging to the Bananas and rolling up my jeans - and its going well !!

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You rock - well done on making those changes to allow you to lose weight your way! I'm the queen of excuses, But one day in the summer I told myself that I didn't have to see putting on weight as an inevitable part of getting older, ditched the creamy readymade sauces and the biscuits, and decided to exercise. Found this site and all the wonderful people who post on it and haven't looked back. We never know what we can do until we do it.

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I'm so impressed with you! I suppose you had to live with other comments too as you put your plan into action! Well done Libby. You're a star!


So far....i havnt had any comments about what im cooking. Im waiting for it, and its stupid of me to care, but I know when either of my parents ( or anybody ) has made a remark about my meal, I just want to poke out my tongue like a child and say " you think this is a lot ? Ill show you a lot ! See how much I can eat if I REALLY put my mind to it. That's a very stupid response as im the one who's hurting myself in that scenario. So, as I said, so far...were ok. Im avoiding cooking in front of the olds, and eat in my rooms and ok if it looks like I have a big dinner I know in myself, its all part of the plan.

You know, its just that we ALL take too much notice of other peoples negative feedback, and don't trust our own judgement...

Happy days so far - thanks for the support princess x

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we're here if you need us! Just keep strong....


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