It's a kind a magic...Queen

Well my lovely forum'll never guess ...yep...another pound of unwanted, neah, unwelcome excess energy has been used up by my marvellous body! Miraculous body more like! After decades of neglect, my wonderful body is being so good to me. Shedding the excess energy stores and helping me to feel just fantastic. It's like magic!....Guitare ........thank you Brian May....

I'M IN THE THIRTEENS! 13 St 13 ...always been my lucky number... thirteen...oh there's another ear worm...Lena lovech go away!

I sang on my half hour walk last night. Loudly. What a wonderful, wonderful Black. They're the only words I know. But I kept singing them over and over again. Because, when I'm out in the drizzle feeling the mist on my face, it really is a wonderful life.

I read your amazing posts forum buddies and am inspired by the commitment to each other, support, consideration of feelings and genuine care. Humanity flourishes here. Thank you to you all.

So 'Go Us' this week! good luck to one and all!


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49 Replies

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  • great post well done xx

  • Thank you! Happy days!

  • Morning PP

    What a really positive post for the morning. Well done on losing another 1lb and getting into the 13's, keep it up you're doing great.

  • Thank you Mrs G...have a super week!πŸ˜„

  • Hooray

  • Yeah! Go us!πŸ˜„

  • Yippee PP :-) That's fantastic and you are doing so well to keep getting that consistent weight loss each week ! :-D

    But, Black ?! ok - the lyrics are fairly inspiring, but the song itself is sooo depressing ! I always think he must be being ironic as surely you can't think life's that wonderful if you sing like that ;-)

    My happy song for today from my running list this morning was That Petrol Emotion - Tingle

  • My singing is .....awful...I mean awesome....well one of them...but loud singing on own, in drizzle...great fun!

  • I'm thrilled for you PP! :)

    Your weight loss is so consistent, no wonder life feels wonderful for you now and being in the 13's is the cherry on the cake :)

    Keep on singing, it cheers us all up :)

  • Thank're lovely!πŸ˜„ 13's feel great!

  • What a positive and uplifting post.

    Thank you :)

  • Go us! Have a wonderful week!πŸ˜„

  • Congratulations ! You give so much positive support to everybody here you deserve it totally !


  • Thank you Libby! Have a great week!πŸ˜„ 13's already! Feels weird just saying it...been a while....

  • And another thing !! - I keep meaning to carry on our discussion about literature from a while ago to say that I've finally read Wuthering Heights. I discovered that I hadn't ever actually read it before (think I was confused with Tess of D'Uberville) - and can quite honestly say that now having read it, it is one of the most stressful books I've ever read !! All those arguments and shouting :-O Was very good though - but I've had to calm down with 'A Tale of Two Cities', which at the moment is a bit more sedate (no one has had their head chopped off yet, at least ;-) )

  • Which leads beautifully into an ear worm:

    Heathcliffe, it's me Cathy, Come hoooooome...................... :)

  • Oooh - I love Kate :-)

  • Lol....πŸ˜„

  • Been replying to posts and listening to tingle....loved it...on the second play already! Never heard it before. As for WHeights...the first chapters are amazing...not so sure about the rest...agree...a bit like East enders Christmas special! Did I recommend the 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared...amazingly uplifting and fun!

  • Funny - I got about half way through that book ages ago, and for some reason, I cannot now remember, I didn't ever finish it. I think I enjoyed it a lot to start with (seemed to remember it was very funny) but must have got fed up with it at some point (or just got distracted ?!) Hasn't the author got another book out now ? Any good ?

  • Ooooh....I'm going to look! Thanks for the heads up.

  • Hi Portlandprincess,

    Wow, you're in the 13's, that is fantastic!!!! Really well done. Glad you're enjoying today and singing those words.

    'Go Us' is a great motto - here's to a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Low are a star of the posting world! thank you you lovely person you!

  • How wonderful Portlandprincess shedding another pound this week, you sound on top of the world :-) Very well done getting into the 13's oh how proud you must be feeling. I know that feeling all to well and when it happens I am so thankful.

    It's all down to you honey, taking control of your life:-) Keep doing what your doing cause your doing GREAT!!!!

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi there Trafford you lovely person you! Thank you...yes, I feel so happy and excited! Anything is possible and on this forum, people are so supportive that it's fun?....yep!

  • Wow. One day I hope this will be me.

  • Hey Aqua, I've just replied to your amazing are so on your way! Doesn't it feel just great! Have a wonderful week and thank you for your kind words.πŸ˜„

  • I love hearing it every time you despatch, fling out, obliterate, or simply burn off another pound. They're all gone for good, and you're gaining health, vitality, and even more bounce, brightness and positivity. Mega congrats for getting into the 13s - will this merit a celebration?

    In literature news, I've been reading a book this week, first time I've properly read a fiction book for at least a year. It's a great way to escape from the commuter madness on the way to and from work. I'm nearly finished now. So looks like my rate is going to be about 1 paperback / week. The book - Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell. It's really quite mad. I'm looking forward to choosing my next book to read next week, all recommendations welcome :)

  • Thank you so much ruth! You're amazing on this forum....cheerleader for all. I'm going to think hard about recommendations...loved animal farm by good ole George...made me cry....but I was just 13 at the time! Also the first few lines of nineteen eighty four are worth a Google!

    Thanks again. πŸ˜„

  • I've read those two! I used to do a lot of reading, but then stopped for ages. I have The Outcast by Sadie Jones on my shelf, but it looks like it might be sad. Or I've a couple of Iris Murdochs that I haven't read, or might see what I can find on my boyfriend's bookshelves this wknd, hopefully something light and uplifting, maybe an adventure :)

  • I like teenage fiction when I want a good story...a bit pulp, but I love aric Davis...on kindle...try the fort or nickel plated.

  • Thanks, I still have a few of my teenage favourites, Gillian Cross's Chartbreak, a book called Moondial that was serialised into a TV series, some really great adventure stories. I'm at my bf's flat and there's a few interesting books here, Ben Elton, Isaac Asimov, Tom Sharpe, might have a peruse. Might also look in the library for Aric David, thanks looks good - I'm more a physical book than kindle person though! Hope your weekend is going well :)

  • I use a kindle as I can change the font to need for glasses then.....I read such a diverse range of books that it's difficult to recommend...I think people tend to judge the reader by the cover of the book they're reading! Gosh, was that clever? Salmon fishing in the Yemen was a lovely book....but spoilt by the film....

  • Portlandprincess what a tonic your wonderful post is to read! Congratulations on the weightloss, bigger congratulations on YOU just being YOU. Posts like this one of yours brings so much joy and support to others. For me personally, it is just the lovely read I need at the minute. Bless you hunny. 😊

  • Missed you Shellie! Where have you been you lovely person you! Thank you for your kind words. This forum is a haven of joy! Have a good week....πŸ˜„

  • Hi hun, had a bit of a blip healthways but am on the mend. Went back in work last night and am thoroughly shattered this morning, but it was a good shift all the same. It's lovely to be missed, makes me feel part of a lovely extended family, thankyou. Hope your weekend is progressing nicely. 😊

  • So...a week into work...hope all is going well!

  • I was only in work for the Fri/Sat/Sun night shifts hun and have been on annual leave all last week. This will be my first full week in from tonight, I must admit I am apprehensive as the last 3 shifts left me shattered. Until I do it I won't know though if my apprehension is justified, lol. I have been at a Spa in Llangollen for 4 days and spent yesterday at Sheffield Hallam Uni with my daughter who is planning on going there next year. It was also my birthday yesterday, I know how to have a fabby birthday outing don't I, lol, sitting for 3 x 90 minute lectures - fun times!!!

    How are you getting on hun? 😊

  • You take care of yourself on those long shifts...they make a mess of sleeping patterns! I'm doing well...not sure about long lectures...but the spa sounds fabulous.

  • Hi PP, what a fab positive post! Well done on kicking another lb to the kerb. I think your body is appreciating your efforts and rewarding you accordingly!

    I wear headphones when I walk alone it really helps keeps up the pace. And yes I sing along - out loud!! I did a lovely 7.5 km walk last week and sang out loud whenever I could see no one around and sometimes when they were - such lucky people ;)

    Keep up the good work & enjoy your wonderful life :)

  • Hey sue....super sue! Would love to be walking behind you as you're singing away! Thanks for the encouragement...enjoy the day.

  • Woohoo - well done you. Fantastic result :)

  • Thank you Lizzie...hope your doing well too.

  • This is such a positive post...this is my 2nd day into a lifestyle change and seeing posts like this gear me into action....well done whooooooooopp

  • Hi and welcome.and thank you! Slow and sure is my motto...keep on keeping on....enjoy the journey...enjoy the food...i should have said trigger for eating is alcohol, so I steer clear useless I've planned for it. Do you have a plan?

  • I am currently using the 12 week nhs program, incorporated it with my fitness app calorie counter and advise from here and my dietitian. I am going to create my weekly eating plan today that runs today till Saturday...I dont have a scale so I will only weigh myself month end at my dietitians then after will buy a scale...I just dont wanna go scale crazy...for now I want my body to get used to the exercise and the food portions etc. Thats my plan so far

  • Brilliant...this will work and agree with the scales...mine are so old there's a hole where I put my big toe when I weigh in...I'm too nosey not to weigh weekly, but the tape measure works for me too...but the best measure is how I feel and how my size twenty clothes are way too big for me now!

  • I hope to see a change in myself hopefully in 12 weeks and so on and so on....thank you for sharing

  • Good luck...I noticed big changes in just six weeks...that was enough to keep me on track

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