Bad day today!

Hi guys!

Where are you all?

Today I went to a wedding and really ate over the top. shame! Was careful the whole week. haven't done much walking either! Hopefully tomorrow I will just dust myself off and eat more sensibly and get on with walking. The truth is I had to get some support stockings as I have trouble with my legs. Now that I have them I am off for a nice long brisk walk.


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11 Replies

  • Just count it as experience and start again. Enjoy your walks.

  • Sometimes when we have been "good" all week our brains justify a bit of a lash out.

    I am starting to finally learn not to be bad to myself when I slip up - I try to mentally build a big wall around that day and start the new one afresh so I am not haunted by bad eating memories from the day before and making myself feel bad.

  • Yep, just dust off and go for that walk. Weddings are notorious for messing up healthy eating plans, but it's just one day. It's a lovely new day tomorrow :)

  • Hey, if we can't enjoy ourselves at a wedding, when can we? :) You didn't do anything that any other guest didn't do. That was yesterday and today it's back to the healthy eating and the lovely walks.

    Good luck with the support stockings, I'm thinking that's maybe something I should be looking for :)

  • Don't beat yourself up, it's 1 day. Good luck xx

  • Love weddings.....we have to celebrate the beauty in our lives..not always with food and champagne, but what would life be without a song or dance ..what are I say ....sorry straight into an earworm! Good luck this week

  • Thanks all of you for replying! I was just scared that i will slip back into my old ways cause that is what has been happening until now. thanks to this forum I will not over eat. hopefully will lose weight.

  • I'm always scared that a bad day will turn into a bad week/month/year but this forum definitely helps keep me on track. There's always someone who's been in the same situation.

  • It was a one off and you accepted it, tomorrow is another day where you go back to your plan. I have a birthday meal to go to this weekend so I'm cutting back now to compensate, knowing I might go over. We'll get there :)

  • I no I always tell people don't matter start the next day don't beat your self up but I still feal so bad when it happens to me go out with cousin 1a month really good salad starter chicken sweet corn and little bit of mash then spoil it by having lemon blizzard eat plenty fruit to much sugar in it love yogurts to much sugar apart from starving what can we do please help us all xx😔Some body must have answer 🙏🏻🙋

  • It is so nice to hear that we all slip but we pick ourselves up. That is the main thing just start again. You are so right.

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