Is there a thin me inside?

I have signed up to this under reluctant pressure from my wife. I have been overweight most of my life and yo yoed in a number of 'diets'. A friend has been on this program for 6 weeks and lost a lot of weight so I am hoping to follow her example. I 'think' that I eat healthily but my downfall may be portion sizes. Have really cut down on alcohol so hopefully that will help. I'm convinced its something to do with my metabolism as rest of my family are all like rakes, (wife is size 6!) and we all eat the same food. :-(

I hope the forum of like minded people will inspire my to focus on my goals. Thanks in advance for your support.


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  • I wouldn't look at it as a "thin" you look at it as a healthy you! Portion size is my downfall. I bought myself a portion size plate from Amazon (to be honest you can probably make your own) and I was shocked at how small the portions looked to start with (I still struggle when I have a roast dinner!) Your body gets used to it. Another tip I got (from a Buddhist) is to eat with no distractions. TV off, really concentrate on what your eating. You will hear the full signal from your body much sooner than if you're engrossed in Eastenders.

    Also look at your exercise regime. If you have a fairly sedentary desk job you won't need as many calories as someone working outdoors all day. I switched to cycling to work and it means I get a bit of a workout on my commute and its saving me money too.

    There's loads of support on here. You'll do great :)

  • Thank you for the encouragement sara0120. I do a fair amount of exercise but certainly room for more. My wife is convinced running in the key. Think I will start off with a side plate and see how I get on!

  • Find something you love doing. Personally I hate running with a passion. But I love cycling, horse riding and going on a good long walk.

  • You will only succeed if you really want it FOR YOURSELF and if you commit to honesty. A lot of people say they don't eat much, but if they honestly write down what goes in each day it turns out that they are taking in lots and lots of extra calories which they just don't seem to notice.

    It is true, some people are naturally large and some are naturally weeny, but I bet if you start logging everything, and the actual portions you eat, on my fitness pal, you will find that you are eating much more than you need.

    The contributors to this forum are brilliant, and will offer you loads of great advice, but only do this if you want to, not just because your wife wants you to, as this is a recipe for failure. Sorry to be so blunt!!

  • Your head certainly has to be in the right place. No point beating around the bush, you have to say it as it is. Thanks for your feedback. I'll log everything.

  • Oops - that's my big weakness - saying it how it is. It gets me into lots of trouble! Glad you took it in the constructive spirit in which it was intended!

  • it might be your metabolism - mine is upper slow, inlaws are super fast! they can eat what they want and stick between a size 8-10

    but your making a positive step, like the others are saying log everything - even the bad stuff and measure food for portion control

    I found that I couldn't eat pasta, casseroles etc for my first three weeks as I couldn't get the portion right or had to make two (one for me and bigger size portion for hubby) which is a lot of work! so maybe choose meals where you can control the portion better?

    a side plate is a little small for me as I don't like some stuff touching tho I have a mid plate - its like a normal sized plat but curved edges like a shallow bowl so slightly bigger than a side plate :)

    good luck and im sure the thin u will be found soon!

  • Thanks for your feedback. Is there away to find out about your metabolism?

  • well google says you can find out but it might not be accurate lol, the article below is quite interesting about digestion

  • Hi quest, as others have said you have to do it for yourself. But as your wife is encouraging you, you should be able to rely on her to give you some good support and rejoice in your success :)

    As you've said portion size is a bit issue for many of us, so start working on this.

    I feel a bit like you that I have an efficient body that probably doesn't need as many calories as others.

    It is also worth remembering that is 3500 = 1lb you only need 77 calories too many every day to put on 8lb in a year. So it maybe that you don't eat way too much you just consistently eat too much (as did I).

    I can recommend walking - preferably on an empty stomach, this is certainly helping me lose weight I am sure.

    Good luck :)

  • Good Evening and welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will have already realised this is the place to be to get help, encouragement and inspiration.

    Your friend who told you to eat with no distraction is very wise and if I can add my thoughts it would be to eat slow, really taste every mouthful, be aware of the different texture and flavour of the food. It may sound a bit silly but I found it really did help me to take notice of the food I was eating.

    Good luck to you, I found the NHS 12 week plan to be a really good way to get back in control and to shed those unwanted pounds.

  • Hi. I am Hoping there is a thinner me so on that premise there is a thinner you. There is just ️Is long journey. Chin up and make it happen.

  • Hello and welcome.....keep reading and posting...reply to posts and you'll soon get the hang of it...good luck

  • Well done for making a start on your journey... my advice ... just keep plodding along without expecting huge weight loss and each week will be a new surprise... remembering it's the journey that matters and keeping on that path with your fellow slimmers walking beside you..

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