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Determination - Week 4 and still going!

I did a periscope today about determination and pushing ahead when the going gets tough! Its the start of week 4 of the 12 week plan. In Week 1 I lost an incredible 5 lbs but in Week 2 I was disappointed to see no change on the scales. Last week I last 2 lbs so it has slowed to a steady weight loss. Still I'm pleased to have lost half a stone in 3 weeks. I am aiming to lose another stone and depending on how I feel and my shape (which I don't want to change too much!) I might aim for a final half stone at that stage. I have changed my diet quite drastically - I hadn't realised how unhealthy I was before. I'm eating much healthier than before and really enjoying eating far more fruit and vegetables than I normally would. I'm finding the diet plan easy to follow and enjoying following simple and enjoyable recipes. I've upped my exercise to 3-4 times a week (Davina DVD, aqua aerobics and walking) and I am determined to stick at it. My top tip is find an exercise you enjoy that fits into your lifestyle and stick with it. I had one day last week that was a blip (a huge 3 course charity dinner) but it was only a one off and other than that I have stuck to it. This week I am more tempted to snack so its interesting that this week is all about the snacking! What do people do when they get an urge to snack? Evening at the end of a busy work day is the hardest time for me.

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Just a teaspoon of mixed seeds, sometimes a teaspoon of nut butter, well dinner was still 6!

I find its good to have a dinner ready and waiting if you come home late, that's when it gets tough

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You're off to a great start :)

Make sure you're not allowing yourself to get too hungry to avoid snack attacks.

Drink a glass of water, as sometimes your body can confuse thirst and hunger.

Wait 30 mins to see if the craving disappears.

Have healthy snacks available to munch on.

Build a "naughty" treat into your calorie allowance.

Good luck :)

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your doing really well!

ive just started week 4, you might notice towards the end of this week that ur tummy thinks its full and tells u quicker than it used to and u might stop needing snacks - tho I think having a small snack after dinner but before bed keeps me happy (which are my 5 caramac buttons 11cals each and I make myself wait at least 30mins between each one)

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