celebrations - chocs

I know its getting closer to that time of year when people start bringing in these chocs to the office!

I took a milkyway (38 cals) one and am keeping it till 3:30 or 4pm before eating it, but ive had to sacrifice my hot choc for it so that I don't look weird by not eating one as everyone else is (most on 2!)

somebody came round every desk asking people to take one so I had to! lol

does anyone else take them and stash them for later or another day or give them to someone else? or is there people with the will power to say no?!

what happens nearer xmas?! especially visiting family and getting chocolate in presents - abstance or rationing?

sorry for the rant lol


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9 Replies

  • Hi hydrogirl, I know the feeling....it's hard to resist especially when they are so good. I tend to say no so I'm not tempted and go and do something to take my mind of it.. At Christmas I'm just going to tell them not to bother with chocolates and to get a fruit hamper instead

  • that's a good idea!

  • That is a better Idea. I don't have a problem with sweets or cakes as I don't like them. BUT if I open one packet of crisps its guaranteed it wont be the only packet opened that day!!

  • I am the same maxine66, and it's not just the small 30g packets that I like to have! I'm thinking of trying to make vegetable crisps so I can still have them in some form

  • I don't know if they are any good or not, but I'm sure I remember seeing on Tesco website, packets of sweet potato "crisps"...I didn't stop on it for long enough tbh, I was searching for good old sweet potato to cook with. Might be worth a look? May be that I got confused or read it wrong too lol

  • Thank you weightwarrior I will definitely check it out I've done good so far and don't have any cravings but I'm sure they will come soon

  • I'm an all or nothing person, for me, one means one hundred and therefore, I have to forgo them all :(

    As a precaution, I've advised any that may consider buying me chocolate as a present, that the penalty is death! ;)

  • I have taken to handing treats that you gave to take to my partner. I am trying to see them as things that damage me so therefore not going into my body.

  • If it's too tough stay away, if poss advice not to bring chocs

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