10 weeks in :)

hey guys im 10 weeks in the nhs weight plan its been going great despite all the ups and downs there was some good days and some bad day where I would lack motivation now I have 2 weeks left in my 3 month weight loss journey guys I have managed to lose a whooping 15lb in the last ten weeks, tomorrow will be my 11th week a weight of (208lb)10 weeks ago and currently now at (193 )it feels great however people do say I have lost weight but when I look in the mirror I see little difference but my clothes are loose so that's a good sign guys my journey is not finished yet im still carrying on my weight loss journey and see how much I lose in another 6 months I will keep you guys updated also guys remember a slow weight loss journey will keep the pounds of for a long time so don't get dishearten hopefully when I lose my second stone I will be able to tell a difference and feel much happier


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4 Replies

  • Hay you sound really happy and well done on losing 15 lbs so far. I have continued after the 12 weeks were up and given myself 1 year as I had a lot to loose so continue your journey with us and see where you end up in 6 months time. You will do great :-)

  • Fifteen pounds is brilliant in just ten weeks. I love this forum and love hearing about successes such as yours. Looking forward to hearing how you do tomorrow.

  • Stay with it as long as you need, it's not a race and sounds like you are doing a dam fine job😃

    Celebrate the highs and dust down the 'sod it' days it's all a learning curve and we will come out at the end of this fitter, happier, thinner and so proud of you ourselves for staying with it and changing.

    Have a fabulous journey and don't forget to pop in so we can all catch up.


  • Keep up the good work, the lifestyle is suiting you! Just image all those bags of sugar you have lost

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