This, or pork pies for lunch? No contest!

This, or pork pies for lunch?  No contest!

Loving how full I get on less than half the calories of the 2 medium pork pies I'd got into the habit of eating for a quick and easy lunch! I am not afraid of just throwing whatever veg/salad I like into a pan/together and going for it! My lunch strategies: I have the open omelette, or I have cheesy salad (reduced fat cheese allows you to have a bit more - I love cheese!), or I love veg stir fry...when faced with a lone pork pie or a whole plate full of stuff to fill you up and stop you snacking, which would you choose?


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20 Replies

  • Oh dear. The pork pie, every time for me!!! (I'd make up for it later by being really, really good though ...)!

  • lollll I know what you mean, I think I had a pork pie addiction before I started this radical overhaul of what I'm eating! I just can't bring myself to eat things which I know won't fill me up at the moment, as I know I'll end up eating more and gaining weight!

  • I love a pork pie and don't have them in the house. Occasionally my husband will buy them at a garage if we're on a journey, and I just can't say no! Just a big fatty pile of delicious yummy calories. Heaven!

  • I'm not supposed to be saying stuff like that on this forum, am I? Sorry everyone! This is why we need to summon up all our willpower to avoid things like this, but every now and then it is important to be naughty, and if all enjoyment is cut out, what's the point of it all?

  • What's in the right dish it looks really good!

  • It's really simple to make. I buy lots of frozen veg because my leg and back complain if I stand for ages peeling and chopping. So, in other words, I cheat! lol! It's about 400g of tesco frozen mixed veg, this particular bag has peas, and also cauli, broccoli and carrot chopped really small (it says boil on the instructions but it's so small it stir fried perfectly well). Also tesco's frozen chopped mushrooms, about 200g, cos they cook down quite small. Plus, I chopped a whole red pepper from the fridge and mixed it in. I added salt and pepper, and a pinch of garlic granules which I keep in the cupboard. Cooked til the veg shrunk and the water had come out of it, then I added 2 chicken oxo cubes, stirred that in and cooked a wee while longer. Warning, I am very overweight and have a HUGE appetite, so this makes a LOT, but I have a high calorie allowance per day too. That said, I don't eat noodles or rice with it, I just have it as described above. It makes it very low calorie for the volume, but exceptionally filling, which is what I need! If you're adding rice or noodles this would defo serve at least 2 people I'd say. I think the whole lot as described above came in at about 276 cals. Veggies are my salvation lol!

  • *SOME of the water had come out of it, I meant to type lol sorry

  • Hi WeightWarrior,

    Wow, those meals look really tasty! Lovely!!! Glad I've already eaten, otherwise you'd be making me feel hungry. I also like having cheese sprinkled on my vegetables or salad, and I tend to choose the spicy cheese, as it's really tasty!

    I don't like pork pies, so there would be no contest for me.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Lol I really love cheese so I knew I had to find a lower calorie version so I could still get my cheese fix...and it's so yummy too.

    You're lucky re the pork pies - I wish I didn't like them as I'm sure they have contributed to the size I currently am! Oh well, my own fault and I'm working on it eh?

    I'm just chilling round the house this weekend cos unfortunately the back is playing me up at the moment, gutted because I had hoped to do a bit more walking, I enjoyed the two walks we did during the week so much. Never mind, hopefully next week will be better.

    Hope your weekend is going wonderfully too! :-)

  • I love cheese too. I tend to buy the strongest tasting cheese I can find...don't need much then...

  • If I rough it with pork pie, I remove the pastry.

  • I couldn't bear myself to part with it lol, I'm better just avoiding them completely. I think part of it stems from the mentality of not throwing anything away as it's a waste of money, while I was growing up it was drummed into us. Has its consequences later in life though! I just tend to buy healthier stuff I know I won't waste - a winner all round.

  • Yes, habits are so hard to break. I was taught that what I put on my plate I have to eat. It meant to teach us to put smaller portions on our plates, but I can remember some times that I had to sit 1-2 hours at the table until I cleared my plate.

    I still feel compelled to eat everything on my plate and it is oh so hard to leave some. I am getting better but what it has mainly taught me is to eat too much.

    I am putting a lot less on my plate now, but I still find leaving food on my plate hard.

    I remember my mum saying to my kids they had to eat up, I told her that I am teaching them to stop eating when they are full. Habits of childhood are hard to break.

  • We also had to clear everything on our plates. Our parents grew up during the war with rationing so had to eat everything and they have passed on the same mentality to us but it doesn't apply in today's world. It is sooo hard to break this habit.

  • Yes, I do hate waste too. I do so know what my parents were trying to do - only put on your plate what you are going to eat, but it's affected my whole eating habit. I can remember when my brother told me that he'd seen a nutritionist and she figured out that that had been a problem for him - it dawned on me afterwards that I carry on eating until the plate was empty.

    I do make sure now that there isn't much on my plate - I learned this about 40 years too late 😣😨

  • I was brought up by war children too - I can remember one Sunday lunch when I was about 6 being made to sit at the dining room table until almost bedtime until I'd eaten everything on my plate. Weren't parents strict in the olden days when I was young!!! I can't see any parents doing that now - I think we pick our fights a bit more selectively these days!

  • Anything but a pork pie !!! Uugh all that jelly and pale pink lumpy meat !!!

    Mind you I would scrape it all off and just eat the pastry ooh missus rumbled !!! and my body a temple !!



  • Isn't great to see our decisions slowly change towards the healthier options :)

  • Hi WW, GREAT a huge plate of healthy food. Works for me...not a pastry fan as I've totally convinced myself that it gives me indigestion .....

  • Oh given the choice I would have the pork pie with piccalilli sauce. The crisp pastry for me is just lovely.

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