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Delay in starting plan now fully focused

I was met to start 3 weeks ago but it didn't so starting again now I am in the right frame of mine.

Been to the gym today and did 2 hr work feel so much better.

Tomorrow boxercise then train every other day as well as walking the dog.

Eating wish eating protein & greens sweet potatoe and avoiding honey even if it is natural it is my weakness and love it on porridge X

So here goes for a healthy lifestyle changing 12 weeks 👊🏻

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Keep posting and replying to posts to keep you in the right mindset! Good luck.

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Thats a great start.

The two really key things I think are logging your food (at least at the start) and planning, planning, PLANNING.

I have porridge with peanut butter and honey every morning and I stay well within my calorie range. There is nothing wrong with something if you don't go berserk on it but you maybe someone who needs to cold turkey it on the honey or else you just can't stop :)

Download the myfitnesspal app to your phone and start logging the food you eat. It will suggest a calorie goal and its easy and free.

Plan your meals for the week, get all the groceries and spend a little time each day prepping your food. The times we fall down and eat badly are when we get hungry or have a craving and there is no healthy alternative.

Thinking "Oh thats OK I am sure I can just find a healthy snack when I am out" is deadly because we all know how easy it is to find a quick, healthy, on the go snack out in the real world :)

GL - sounds like you starting well.

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Thanks for your responses.

I have my fitness pal & map my fitness app and I am always honest what I have eaten and done I have set my calorie count at 1400 although it should be 1750 based on weight & height.

I don't eat processed food, dairy products or refined sugar due to having IBS and hard to believe but we cook everything from scratch. I think I have been so disiplined I am rebeling hence why I joined this group as its hard to do it alone.

I suffer from a bad back and had an op on it in March 15 which gave me a new lease of life to exercise again and even had a personal trainer and achieved a 20 mile walk in July 15.

Looking back my problem is to much natural sugar bananas fruit & my fav honey so I need to discipline myself on my sweet tooth.

Also quantity of food and when I train not eating into the calories I have burnt normally I burn about 1200 a session although I am over weight I am fit if that makes sense.


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