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Are all calories the same?


I have been under my recommended calorie intake, however not weighing food and portion control almost certainly is my biggest problem with this approach so far. I do however think that my choices have not always been the best. I eat lots of fruit, generally soft and much more salad than veg, although I love all vegetables. I think that maybe by adding more fibre to my food choices would be a benefit. What do you guys think, and any suggestions on choices would be appreciated. Have a great weekend all. Off for Ann afternoon with the grandchildren at Gruffulo Wood. Dave x😘

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Calories are a standard unit of energy. However, our bodies don't use all food for energy, nor is it as efficient at obtaining energy from all sources.

So how successful is this for you Dave? On around 1400 plus cal a day, I'm shedding a pound a week...

Hi Portlandprincess

I am considerably heavier than you. My recommended daily calories are between 2600 and 3700 with 2600 targeted to let me lose 1lb per week. Although my overall weight loss is achieving greater than that with 14lb list in 6 weeks, it has been difficult over the past two with a small gain rather than a loss. I will make a real effort to step up fibre and reduce carbs to see how that works for me.

Dave x

Portlandprincess1 stone in reply to Dave1000

Hi Dave again, just a thought....I love the feeling of being full so make lots of soup...always on the stove. This way I never feel deprived . Worth a try?

Hi Portland Princess,

Certainly coming into poor weather this sounds like a great approach My wife does make soup although not for a while. Perhaps time to get back into it.

Dave x🍵👍

I don't think they are. Calorie counting is ok, but the trick is knowing what sorts of calories do the best things for your body. I learnt this when I was doing Weightwatchers many years ago - sometimes the point system seemed odd, but I learnt which foods' calories were helpful and which were not, and began to understand how their points calculations were actually an incentive to make good choices.

Calories from alcohol seem to stop me from losing weight as well - no idea why - I think it may be to do with water retention - but if I stay off the booze and keep to my calorie target I lose weight, if some of my calories come in the form of a few glasses of wine it is much more difficult.

Hi useitorloseit

I have resisted so far going a slimming club like weight watchers or slimming world. If the stagnation persists, then perhaps your example might make this decision worth reviewing.

Dave x

No need to join a club, there's plenty of help and info on the Internet - educate yourself and the choices will make more sense. This forum will have lots of people to advise as a lot of us have been to the commercial groups!

Adding more fibre and more vegetables would definitely be a good idea. Different foods affect your body in different ways, so I think you could say that not all calories are the same.

This article on calories might be of interest.

Dave1000 in reply to Penel

Thanks for this Penel. I will take a look at this.

Dave x

Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019

I do t think they are. But even if they are some foods contain more vitamins and other usual stuff than others.

Dave1000 in reply to Aqua_marine

Thanks Aqua_marine.

Dave x

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