Week 41

It's here already wow how the week flew by...

Hi everyone hope you are all doing well :-)

I have managed to lose 2 lbs this week :-) which is super cool

I am now 162 lb

lost 78 lbs

which is 5 stone 8 pounds and means I have passed another milestone and I am really pleased with this result. Almost nearing the 150's is so, so exciting and a moment I can't wait for.

I have done so much this week and had to decide on a goal to set for myself so what I decided to do was to incorporate some of the goals I have already achieved to date and run with it literally :-)

So I did a 10k Monday 5k Tuesday 6k Wed, rowed 5000 m Thursday and did a short run and long walk on Friday and got over 15000 steps in on Fri. I have done strength training every single day Mon - Friday which included 40 squats 40 kettle bell squats 40 sit ups, weight lifting and 40 leg curls with weights. I have really pushed to boat out this week and upped my game ended up with hardly any energy left by the end of the week, but have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Now I am getting lighter on the scales I am finding it harder to burn those calories. It will all be worth it in the end so I am going to keep going and I look forward to what next week will bring....maybe 160 lbs ??? let's go for it. I am going for a 2 lb loss so fingers crossed.

I believe in myself and my abilities to succeed and now have 14 lb to reach my goal by 04/01/2016 and only 9 lbs to go for the Christmas challenge. Good luck to everyone and hope you are all enjoying your journeys with good results :-)

Trafford1 x


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29 Replies

  • Hey Trafford, you sound so happy...well done you! It's just amazing how wonderful I feel after just one stone...so you must be feeling like a puppy!.....love your post!

  • Thank you Portlandprincess, it's great to have reached this point as I don't have much more to go now. I remember when I lost my first stone I was chuffed to bits :-) such a good feeling isn't it PP well done to both of us on our successes and long may it continue.

    Traff x

  • When your at your target...please don't leave us...I need your positivity! Go us!

  • Hi PP, don't worry I won't be going no where. I have learned so much on this journey that I still want to share with others and advise others on their journeys. I think I can definitely still add a positive vibe and like Ruth does share what it's like when maintaining. I mean this journey is challenging, but the real challenge begins when we reach our goal and have to maintain this weight for the rest of our lives. This forum will help to keep me on track and I get to be hear when you guys and girls reach your goals as well and I wouldn't miss it for anything hun :-)

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Wow, what a lot of fantastic achievements - I love reading your posts, they are so inspiring! Congratulations on losing another 2 pounds this week, and to achieving a total weight loss of 5 stone 8 pounds. Also, you did 21km (in total) of running, and that was without counting that last run you did. All that strength training must really be toning you up - have you noticed a difference in your core? It should be a lot stronger and toning up day by day.

    It's great that you're well on track for all your goals.

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend. Thanks again for the lovely things you said to me in the Monday thread too - I always appreciate your support, and enthusiasm.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal thank you as always hun for your support, 21 km wow that's is a lot when you add it all up :-) the strength training will really be toning me up which I am noticing and my core is getting a lot, lot stronger with all the sit ups, I am currently doing 40 a day but will increase this as of next week to 50 and go from there and I can really feel the difference.

    Just been shopping for my first pair of size 12 trousers and tried them on and they fit so I am even more chuffed today as this means that I am really making progress now on the bottom half. I wanted to be at least in a 12 by my birthday and it's happened just before so this has made my day :-)

    Your welcome re Mondays thread always good to share and support one another, as together this makes us stronger :-)

    Have a lovely weekend and remember not to many nice treats as Monday is only round the corner and I will be looking out for your post hun best of luck Lowcal

    Trafford1 x

  • Another great result Trafford :) Wow you've worked really hard for it so |I'm pleased you got a good result.

    9lb for the Christmas challenge seems very achievable :) I have 15 to go. Still got 1lb of holiday weight to go and then I will be working on stone 5 :)

    Hope you have another good week :)

  • Hi sueper and thank you. I am looking forward to trying to lose the 9 lbs for the Christmas challenge, I think it will be hard though to be honest as the weight drops the less calories are burned so have to work even harder.

    We have about 9 weeks left till the Christmas challenge comes to an end so those 15 lbs and my 9 lbs should come off by then hopefully and as you have already seen you only have 1 lb of holiday weight to go which is brilliant by the way and then time to crack on and go for it. Wishing you a great week sueper

    Trafford1 x

  • You are such an inspiration to us all.

    You should be very proud of yourself and you have proven to me what I have often believed.

    When you can get your willpower working it's like a muscle and it strengthens over time and eventually you get to the point where, as you do, you see no other result being possible but being successful.

    Well done - have great week!

  • Very well said Dave I like your analogy. This journey has tout me so much and has changed my life. I have learned to take control and be in control over the course of the 41 weeks and not a day goes by that I am not enjoying all of the changes made so far. We have to work hard and play hard and be the best we can be each and every day.

    Thank you Dave x

  • Blimey - that's a lot of exercise - don't burn yourself out!!!

  • Thank you for the advise, I do get a lot of rest in between and sleep early. The way I look at it is this won't be forever when I reach my goal but in order to get there I have to put in the work :-)

  • Wow what a fabulous post, very well done, you are going great guns! :-D

  • Thank you WeightWarrior :-)

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Congrats on your 2 Ib, and a standing ovation for all that exercise and a big {{{{hug}}}}.

    I am now focused on the Santa challange, so hope once lost the holiday Ibs it will be all downhill from there 😃

    You must be feeling so good and very proud of yourself, and I am sure you will be at target way befor Jan 2016 !!

    Have a lovely weekend


  • Hi flossie and thank you so much. The Santa challenge is definitely keeping me on track now and it's only 9 weeks away so going to focus on the next 9 lbs then on the remaining 5 lbs any more will be a bonus and lead me to victory. Your holiday lbs will shift quite fast and you will be right back on track before you know it :-)

    I am feeling really good after this weeks challenges and getting stronger everyday I am concentrating a lot on the strength training from now on as this part of my journey is going to rely on it.

    I went out and bought a size 12 trouser yesterday and lone behold they slipped on and I couldn't believe it. I bought these for my birthday which is in a few weeks knowing that I wanted to be in a size 12 trouser by my birthday and by the end of my journey want to be a size 10 trouser so to get into these at this stage has really made my day and shows I am really on track. I am so chuffed to bits.

    Hard work really does pay off so let's keep working to reach our goals because we're all worth it :-)

    Have a lovely week flossie and I look forward to reading your next post

    Trafford1 x

  • Wow 41 weeks. I have done 6 and it feels like forever.

  • This is a lifestyle change and I couldn't be happier with how far I have come. You will get used to it :-)

  • What an achievement! Many congratulations and all the best for the next stage

  • Thank you AvidSSketcher40 :-)

  • What a star!

    You're such an inspiration to us all. I'd like to follow in your footsteps.

    5st 8lbs in 41 weeks is absolutely fantastic. WTG you! :)

  • Hi moreless and thank you :-) There was once a girl on here who's footsteps I wanted to follow in and I was always chasing a number she posted and that number seemed so far away when I was starting out but I was in aww of what she had achieved and that kept me motivated and wanting more, she's gone now and the numbers I am chasing are now my own and what I have learned along the way is amazing and I feel I am in control of my destiny. I know that posting my successes here also helps others on their journeys which is why this is such a great place to share our journeys together and I am happy for you to follow in my footsteps as it all helps us get to our end goal.

    Trafford1 x

  • Talk about pushing the extra mile - what a week! I'm sure you'll continue to feel the effect of all that exercise this week. Your metabolism will be working at top speed so you'll be burning the cals extra efficiently. I'm sure you'll see another 2lb loss again. Hope you're feeling really ace from all that work and seeing the reward. Also mega congrats on fitting those size 12 trousers. All your goals are within grasp now, just got to get them all ticked off and you're there :)

  • Hi Ruth, I love your reply and thank you :-) I take all the positive energy you all give to me and use it to continue on this journey. I am so chuffed to bits with those size 12's I mean who'd of thought that I would be standing here today in a pair of size 12's, it's amazing, it really is truly amazing and I feel blessed. I appreciate every single one of you who are supporting me and it's great that this forum exists and after reading all the lovely responses this weekend I have a new found energy going into this next week and seeing that 2 lb loss on the scale I feel I deserve.

    Together we must 'Keep on keepin on' :-) channel our energy and stay strong. Good luck on your first day and I wish you a very successful future in your new position.

    Have a wonderful week and keep us posted on how things are going Ruth :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • This is such a nice post to read. Well done you!! size 12.. I hope ill be joining you soon on that one. Keep up the good work xx

  • Hi Emma-x- thank you, I am sure you will be in a size 12 before you know it. I just went out to buy mine ready for when it happens and that day happened the same day I got them home so big surprise for me :-) If you know you are going to get in em go out and get em, there's no time like the present to get the ball rolling I say hun :-)

    Your almost at your target weight I see so good luck with that and I will be looking out for your post to see how you get on and read about those size 12's too

    Have a great week

    Trafford1 x

  • wow 78lbs! I can only dream of losing that. sounds like you have put a lot of work in so it's very well deserved!

    I thought doing strength training everyday is not advised because it doesn't give the muscles time to relax & rebuild?

    I feel like I have to rethink my fitness goals now..I have managed to stick to my personal training on Tuesdays but that seems to be the only strength training I am doing and I guess it's not enough since the scales are still not moving

    got to fit 2 more into my week somehow

    anyway well done :-)

  • Hi gracie1985 and thank you :-)

    I do strength training everyday with weights that are suitable for me such as using 7.5 kg kettle bell and 20 kg weights for the legs and arms I don't choose to use more weight than this as I wouldn't be able to carry this activity out everyday if I were to use more. So it's about finding the right balance that your comfortable with.

    Over the period of 41 weeks I have always tried to introduce something new to my routine in relation to the exercise and given myself a goal to reach. Changing it up every week or just simply increasing your workouts by 10 % can make all the difference as well as watching what you eat. I work out minimum 5 days a week, much of which is cardio so in order not to lose muscle mass I have to include the strength training as well.

    I eat between 1200 and 1400 calories a day and I do eat fish 4 days a week and a variety of other meats such as steak, chicken or turkey on the other days. There are so many different ways to make what you eat work for you and the amount of exercise work in conjunction with each other. Do you count calories ? I use myfitnesspal to count calories and add in my exercise, but never eat the exercise calories as this will not work for you.

    I hope that those scales start to move for you soon stay focused and remember to change things up and you will be rewarded for it.

    Good luck gracie1985 x

  • Thanks for the reply! I eat around 1200-1300 calories a day and log it on myfitness pal and exercise is the 1 gym session and light squash on friday and with this i maintain my 46% fat body so will try to increase slowly :-)

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