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New week new start

So I've tried this before and failed miserably. There always seemed to be an excuse. Well no more!

I'm starting my diet on Monday as new week new start. I found a photo of myself 10 years ago and admittedly I was 19 but I was hot! I have 3 stone to shift to get back to that hotty and I'm sure I can do it!

Does anyone recommend any calorie counting apps/tools to help me out? I wanted to buy a fitbit last time I did this but never did, anyone any recommendations that will team up with an app?

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I imagine that your still hot.

J got a fitbit and find it very useful, also I use map my walk, use this each time you go for a walk, it's excellent in tracking calories burnt on your walk, also I use my fitness pal, you can scan the barcode on the food you are eating and it tells the calories content, it talks to fitbit and map my walk so you can see exactly what you've burnt and how many calories you can eat

Good luck, hope this helps

Ps bar the fitbit the apps are free.


Aww thanks 😊 I'm more wobbly than hot but that cheered me up no end 😊

Thank you, I've just downloaded myfitnesspal and looking at fitbit now xxx


Your welcome. ..good luck on the journey.. It's hard but this website is excellent.. Keep going


I do exactly the same as wayne - Fitbit and MFP - it works really well to keep you in check but even just logging your food in MFP is the main thing to keep you motivated!


I love myfitnesspal for counting cals, but this website is instrumental for me in keeping in the right frame of mind.....my advice as always is post and reply to posts!

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