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Back to life, back to reality πŸ˜•

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Hi all,

Hope you are all well and feeling goodπŸ’‹

Back from holiday and had a fantastic time, I really feel good and ready to knuckle down with the next phase of me lol.

Arrived home 3 am this morning as flight delayed and up at 7.30 to take my boy out, got weighed and .......... 5.4Ib on !!! eeek.

My think is just go with it and see what next Friday brings, back on healthy eating and back to my exercise. While on hols did swim, aquarobics and a bit of belly dancing !!! ( more dancing belly by end of hols than at beginning eh !!!! lol)

Did try to eat healthy but desserts were the devil and my sister in law introduced me to Baileys with coffee mmmmm. Have looked at the calories today and got such a fright but it's done and I really enjoyed my time away.

Ruth, even did my squats and planks !!!

It's raining here so today I'm going to catch up on all your posts, get the washing done and write up my journal !! well it's a plan of sorts lol😎

Hope you all have a good week


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Glad you had a lovely time away on your hols.

You will soon lose the extra few pounds I'm sure.

Planking and squats on hol, you are dedicated lol.

Have a good week x

in reply to Emma-x-

Hi Emma,

Thanks for your kind words, had a ball and feel really focused on getting the hols Ibs off !!

Have a lovely week


ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Flossie,

Welcome back, and great that you had such a lovely time! Mmmm, Coffee goes really well with Bailey's doesn't it... :-)

You'll soon get that post-holiday weight off again, I'm sure it will be off in no time at all. Brilliant that you did those squats and planks - like Emma-x- says, that shows real dedication!

You must be really tired now, after your plane's delay, and then taking your boy out. Hope you can catch up on some much needed sleep, and hope you have a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)

in reply to Zest

Hi Lowcal,

You are so right re Baileys, it's a bit of a 'devil' for me now, I think the measures were trebles OMG !!

Have been really tired, still catching up so having a real quiet weekend,hope your weekend going well

Catch up on Monday


Just an idea, Meshyt posted about her post flight weigh in being really high because of water retention effects of flying or something similar, and she said it went back down after a couple of days. Maybe re-weigh on Sunday in case its the same for you? Impressed at squats and planks. My routine has suffered lately, just about still doing squats but that's all I'm doing for strength stuff. Must improve! Liking the earworm and welcome back :)

Hi Ruth,

It's great to be back and huge congrats on your new job so happy for you πŸ’ I'm sure it will all go well but do understand all the anxiety and worry, you will do good girl, take a deep breathe and if struggle then just smile and wave, it worked for me for years.

Finding the routine of squats/planks ok but keeping it slow and steady.

I do like the idea of having another weigh as I do feel less bloated and it does make sense that I would be carrying fluid as I had only slept for about 4 hours, but did feel I need to stick to my weigh day, but hey ho I do think it will turn around( fingers crossed).

Hope you have a really nice weekend do you start work Monday ? if so have a great day, you will find yourself tired and maybe you will need to rethink your routine for a few weeks till your new life settles down.


sueper5 stone

Hi Flossie, glad you had a lovely time.

I am back from my hols too - I did a bit more damage than you but the weight has fallen off me this week and I only have 1lb to go to get back to my pre hols/poorliness weight :)

I too struggled with the desserts and the cocktails. I did manage a fair bit of walking and being fitter generally made the holiday so much more pleasant :)

Glad to see you are motivated to get back to it and I am sure those holiday lbs will fall off.

Good luck for the coming week :)

in reply to sueper

Hi Sueper,

Glad you had a great time too, them desserts and cocktails are the devil eh, just when you think it's ok they pop up again !!! lol.😎

I too noticed the difference in being somewhere hot but weighing much less and feeling fitter.For me it's another great motivator to continue this change😎

I'm thinking of having a sneaky weigh in maybe tomorrow I do feel less bloated but a bit scared that it might throw me for the rest of the week.

Really battling tiredness but some of this I due to my stroke, but so looking forward to circuit class on Monday.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Sounds like a fab holiday. You will be fine now you are back on plan. Have a fantastic week :)

in reply to Jo4950

Hi Jo,

Thanks for your kind words, back in the groove😎

Hope you have a lovely weekend


Hi flossie good to have you back with us hun :-) I'm really glad you had a fantastic holiday and kept up with your exercise so well done. The baileys coffee sounds nice never tried that one before

Also your 5.4 gain will soon disappear now your back into your normal routine of counting calories and watching what you eat, but it's nice that you got to let your hair down enjoy the sunshine and relax with some lovely Turkish cuisine

Best of luck with the coming week and I suspect those lbs will not be around for long in fact I am sure. Have an enjoyable weekend and lovely week :-)

Trafford1 x

Hi Trafford1,

Thanks for your kind words, I ve had a really nice time and did so feel better for being in the sun fitter and lighter !!!😎 It has made the reality of all this hard work pay off.

Still a bit tired but so looking forward to getting back to 'normal'.My dining room looks a bit like like a Chinese laundry but once all the clothes are packed away I'm ready to concentrate on lovely autumn and then Santa !! lol

Have a fab week


Hi Flossie, I replied yesterday but the post didn't in a nut shell....gals you had a fab holiday and great to have you back....hugs and the like! ....good luck this week. πŸ˜„

Hi PP,

Thanks for your kind words, and hugs back at you !!!. It's really nice to be back and I've loved reading all the posts some fantastic stuff.

Have a lovely week


That seems to be about the number. I gained 6, someone else here wrote that they gained 6 a few days ago after hols.

You should be really proud of yourself for keeping up the exercise - good on you :)

in reply to Dave1961

Hi Dave,

I was a bit shocked at the weight on but once I ve looked at the calories in Baileys, never mind the measures( about a treble) no wonder!!! lol

The exercise is slow and steady, my sister in law thinks I'm a bit mad but it's important to me. Mind you I don't think the squats where a pretty sight to watch !! lol

How is your friend doing if it's ok to ask?

Hope it's all good your end, have a good week


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