What is it about crisps

I am not starting diet till Monday (seemed sensible to start beginning of new week) but because crisps are one of my failings i didn't buy any more and its now two days since I've had a crisp and I can easily eat two packets a day. I am so missing them i have a craving already any tips on what to do when craving strikes I've tried the "healthier" alternatives before and they are nothing like real crisps.


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26 Replies

  • A carb that combines fat AND salt - who can say no!

    I am also a crispavore - love them.

    Something I find sometimes calms down the cravings is a salty boiled egg. Gives salt and fat but the good kind of fat and it's also protein which helps reduce your hunger. I also have some in the fridge and just write on the shell with a sharpie what date I boiled them - they can easily last a week in the fridge

    And think about how you feel after you demolish a couple bags. If you relented because you were hungry your hunger isn't fixed because they are empty calories that really don't fill you at all.

    And you just end up feeling bad because you broke your diet.

    But you already know this of course! If only we could bottle all that and take a swig of it to get us through our cravings.

    I have also tried the alternatives but I simply sat there and thought "These are nowhere as good as those crunchy salty crisps" and I end up eating those and THEN getting some crisps!

    Sorry I couldn't help more.

  • Thanks Dave

    You have been a help yes I do know all you said but it helps that someone else knows how I feel ☺ I will try the boiled egg

  • I have the same failing. I could quite happily exist on crisps alone and have been known to eat an entire tube of Pringles in one sitting with a packet of McCoys for afters!

    I have been crisp free for about a week and with the weekend looming I am beginning to feel jittery and am thinking about crisps and that I really, really want some. I don't need them, I just want them. I think I have an addiction to them because I do think about them an awful lot... (I'm so sad) For example, my husband is a healthy weight and has a healthy relationship with food. He has bought a large packet of crisps to have a few whilst watching the rugby or as the mood takes him. He is working this weekend and I will be alone with my son...and this packet of crisps. It is already playing on my mind so I am going to have to ask my ever patient husband to hide them away before he leaves for work, out of sight out of mind. It really is a big weakness of mine!

    I have tried flavoured popcorn, ryvita minis, rice cakes, snack a jacks, low fat crisps even celery (for the crunch) with cottage cheese as substitutes but really, apart from the celery, they are not that much better than just eating crisps and I tend to eat more of them because I think that they are not that bad for me so I end up cancelling out any benefit from eating the substitute! So in short I can't provide the answer you are looking for as I am still trying to work one out for myself.

    For now I am banning them and trying not to think about them until I get some decent weight losses under my belt. I will ease this ban once I think I can control myself around them and have lost a decent amount of weight that I won't want to ruin my hard work by binging on crisps. I can't do half measures with this particular food item but that is just me, you might be able to have a few and put the packet away for later. After many years of lying to myself I now know and accept my limits and I know I simply cannot control myself around crisps so best just not to have any.

    The other thing I am doing is exercising more. I find it impossible to reach for a packet of crisps after a swim session. It seems so self defeatist and I also find that I don't want any, that the craving has gone once I have exercised hard.

    Find out what your limits are and good luck with your new eating plan!

  • I am so glad I am not alone in this I'm afraid I won't have any limits I won't be able to buy any more! I suppose like a smoker giving up cigarettes just one more and your hooked again.

  • Exactly!

    You are not alone in this. If it helps think of me when you crave some crisps - I need to lose 5 stone - most of which is made up of crisps and latte's - that will put you off!

    I read somewhere "Don't Give Up What You Want Most For What you Want Now"

    For me what I want most is to be healthy, slim and fit for myself and my family but what I want now is a packet of crisps!

    It's just not worth it! Not anymore.

  • Ditch the lattes too - they are terrible calorie-laden concoctions! Douwe Egberts do a lovely vanilla instant coffee which, with a dash of skimmed milk, is yummy and feels as indulgent as a latte.

  • I have ditched them - completely! 2 days down, it is a struggle but as time goes by it will get better. I just don't need them.

  • I swapped lattes for a long black with a gloop of milk in it when MFP told me the calories for my all milk coffee! I can't stand boiling hot coffee so the gloop milk fixes that and also I don't really feel like I am missing out because I still get my caffeine hit of real coffee....just a thought.

    And if your 5 stone is made up of latte's and crisps you sure must gurgle and crunch a lot when you walk? :P

  • Also if there were a lot of crisps and lattes going in before, and there are none now, those pounds are going to drop off pretty fast! There's an incentive!

  • I do hope so!!!

  • Have you tried Nescafe's Cafe Menu Cappuccino? I have the 'Gusto Cremoso' ones that are 67 calories a mug full. You can get the skinny version but I really like these.

  • That is a great quote will be putting it on the fridge door thanks

  • I adore crisps - all flavours, all types. I could also live on them - breakfast, lunch, dinner. I wouldn't recommend healthy versions - will just heighten your craving for the real ones. I allow myself one small packet a week but do not buy multipacks!!!

    Cravings only last 20 mins. You need to do something to distract you - go for a walk, read a book, post on here. The cravings will reduce over time. Just don't give up 😊😃

  • i love crisps too! more than chocolate or sweets!

    have u tried making vegetable crisps at home - by he time u have made them the craving isn't so strong

    or if im feeling rebellious I eat a bag of doritos or similar but just lick of the flavour and allow myself one a few to actually eat. its not calorie free but counts for less than a full bag

    I do have crisps in my house and I am being very strong - one bag with my packed lunch mon-fri (which are roughly 70cals) I cant kick the habit completely but its certainly reduce from the bag at lunch then the family bag to myself at night!

  • Crisp are amazing.. I would chose crisp over chocolate any day lol.

    I still have them prob most days I just count them as part of my calorie intake. Try lower calorie ones such as French fries, cravers, ringos, wotsits. Asda also do the good and counted ones they are nice

    They are too nice to just give up altogether 😁😁 xxx

  • I agree a boiled egg foes make you feel full and keeps the cravings at bay.

  • I have a make your own microwave crisp maker, I really like it. It does not need any oil to cook them. You can buy them cheaply on EBAY:


    This is how they work on You Tube:

  • Thank you for that will go and look on ebay

  • That looks brilliant! I shall consider this once I have lost some decent amount of weight. I'm just not strong enough at the moment to even attempt something like this as I will just scoff the lot and then some!!

  • Well a 300g potato is 225 calories. A 35g bag of Walkers salt n' vinegar low fat crisps is 184 calories. You will get a lot more crisps from the real potato but it will depend what you dip it in as this will add some calories - maybe flavoured homous or spicy mashed avocado or chili and mango dipping sauce or even just tomato sauce.

  • A friend of mine who is a holistic therapist actually undertakes this experiment with her clients. dailymotion.com/video/xhxgx...

  • Yes this is quite shocking

  • Apparently, the smell is foul!

  • Crisps provide a relatively slow-release source of glucose. Depleting our glycogen reserves and/or high insulin levels usually contribute to cravings. Pringles are a different, high-glycaemic kettle of fish and stimulate appetite.

    Eating small amounts of low Gi, low fructose carbs at meal times as part of a balanced diet, along with some natural protein and some natural fat will help.

  • Crisps glorious crisps these were my down fall but not any more. Still love em but just eat them in moderation now. I gave these up in the first month and only ate them on a Saturday but now I feel I can make a sensible choice so choose to have walkers pops which are low cal low fat and everything else, but best of all they are not lacking in flavour. Check em out next time you go to the supermarket. I ate 4-5 bags a day and had a bag for breakfast so I have definitely come along way.

  • I can really relate. Maybe this should be called the Crisp Addicts thread!!

    I don't think I will be able to cut them out completly. I have been having metcalfes skinny popcorn I know it's not the same as crisps but you do get the salt fix. The sweet and salty ones are lovely.

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