Free weigh-ins?

Does anyone know if there is a club that is free where you can go and get weighed regularly?

I've done Weight Watchers and Slimming World and Rosemary Connelly and I just can't afford to spend anymore on these classes (being fat is an expensive business!). But what I liked about all of them is that I had that set time that I knew I had to face the scales, I had impersonal witnesses and it was recorded for evermore.

I could not escape it or put it off or weasel my way out of it or lie about how much I lost/put on, which I can so easily do when I weigh myself.

I've even tried getting my husband to weigh me but I can talk round him and I think he is fed up of my weight woes and just can't bear my defensiveness on the subject anymore so wants to leave well alone on this particular subject, poor thing.

I know there is a Monday Weigh-in on here but I know I will wriggle out of that or just not post.

I need that face to face shaming, a person waiting for me to come and get weighed who I would not want to let down and then someone making a record of it all.

So, is there anything out there? Would an NHS nurse do it once a week? Do they have fat clinics?


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  • I would try the weigh in here, as you do end up feeling like you don't want to let the group down once you get to know everyone. But also ask your GP. I was put on a 'my-weigh' NHS scheme at one point which had weekly weigh-ins, I think these are called something different throughout the country. Also, yes good idea to just ask your nurse at your surgery - they might be open to the idea of a weekly weigh-in appointment - worth a try!

  • Just looked up 'my weigh' and it's a local initiative, not a countrywide NHS thing, so chances are it's no good for you...

    How about googling "weigh in" with the name of your town, borough, local council etc, see what comes up :)

  • Thanks - I've looked at the link - that is a great idea, I wish it was rolled out in other boroughs.

    I googled Free Weigh-ins for my area and a webpage came up for local classes which I clicked on and it provided a list of classes for the usual suspects - Weight Watchers, Rosemary Connely etc. but then on the same page was a big advert for Pizza! It did make me laugh :-)

  • Hmm, not so useful then! But maybe keep googling, look up neighbouring councils/towns etc, places you might like to pop over to for a once a week trip (or even once a fortnight?), depending on how you tend to structure your week. Or maybe just see you on here next Monday :)

  • I think Ruth's right, I find the Monday weigh in on here perfect for me - maybe just give it a try and see how you feel about it. I have only been doing this a short time really, but week by week, the ups and the downs, we share our misery or celebrations and support each other! If you really think that you might fib about your weight, how's this for an idea...maybe sounds strange but it might work for you...maybe you could take a picture of your feet on the scales with the weight in the picture and send it to someone in the group every Monday...would that help you do you think? Just a random idea!

  • Ahhh! That made me laugh and terrified me all at the same time!

    Ok I will do that...

    Is it just a post that comes up for the Weigh in on here or is there another bit this page that is for weigh-ins?


  • Hi SVR28,

    I just saw you question about the Monday weigh-in here on this forum, and I thought I'd post the link to last Monday's weigh-in (12th October) so you could have a read through and see if it's the kind of thing you might like, here is the link:

    Basically, I post this Monday weigh-in thread every Monday just before 7am, and the title is always the same - you can either look out for it, or if you want to be notified when it's posted, you could click 'follow' on my name, and then you'd be always notified whenever I post a thread.

    The next one will be on 19th October. Maybe see you there, if you fancy joining us.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal. I will weigh in on Monday with you all and I am sending a photo of the scales reading as proof!

  • We'll look forward to having you on board! :-)

  • Welcome aboard SVR, see you on Monday, or before if the fancy takes you :)

  • Great to have you onboard. See you Monday :)

  • Yes; North East Lincolnshire Lifestyle Services.

  • As your GP to put you in touch with weight management, they weight you and talk to you about health eating etc, they have group meeting weekly or fortnightly, maybe this will help

  • Hello, NHS health trainers offer free one to one weight management sessions over a period of 3 months. Google this to see if they are in your area.

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