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Sticking to it when travelling is hard!

First week down, I went to the gym for a good workout every other day and was eating much better too, just working on replacing bad foods with healthy alternatives at this stage. It has been a little trickier this week though as I've had to spend 2 days travelling around the country for work. Eating healthily on the move is definitely more challenging (I've never appreciated how poor service stations are at providing healthy food options!) and I haven't had any time to workout in those days either. I will be back on the mission today though, a good, long gym session is being planned!!

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Try taking food from home for your first day away and even a cool bag with stuff for day 2. That should help limit damage.

Good luck.


Yes healthy food on the move is definitely a challenge. I take oatcakes, that way you can always have a packet of oatcakes with a tub of hummus and some chopped carrots, that is if you're going to service stations with a small m&s or similar. Otherwise, you've just got to look for soups and salads where you can. Good luck for the gym :)


It is but service stations have got a whole lot better and a fair proportion have a Waitrose to buy healthy salads and soups.

No excuses - if you want to get slimmer,fitter and healthier - you will find a way. Have faith :) :)


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