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I can't take it anymore !!

Ever since I graduates highschool, my life has been going in a downwards spiral of weight gain . I'm 24, 5'11", at 230 pounds . I was like 160-180 as a senior in highschool. I'm embarrassed to see people that I haven't seen in years because I know I don't look the same. Its effecting my outlook on life, as well as my relationships. I have been with the same man for 4 years now and its effecting him too.

The thing is, I WANT to lose weight. I WANT to be healthy, but every time I bring myself to exercise I feel sick, and when I eat less I'm left feeling like I'm starving. The healthy food isn't the problem, I actually like the taste of healthy food. Its just so expensive ! I need help !!

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Good morning helloHalley, firstly welcome to this forum. I have found it be a complete game changer for me. Somewhere in all these post is advice that will work for you.

There are two important bits of information I want to tell you. Firstly once you really start to try and improve your lifestyle you will feel start to feel better quite quickly: my own life including confidence to go out, relationships and minor health problems such as headaches improved far more quickly that my weight and fitness. Secondly that baby steps do work - one thing really does lead to another. If you feel overwhelmed by all the action involved in learning portion control, swaps to delicious low cost healthy food choices and a joyful exercise program then do something -anything. For example I began with five minute stretches from the NHS live well website.


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Hi HelloHalley - I'm just returning to a weight loss programme and know the struggles it takes to get on board. Just to the right of your post I found another post that is extremely helpful: "What You Really Must Do If You Want to Successfully Lose Weight & Keep it Off". See if you can find this and have a good read. The idea of just planning for one week only and seeing what you can accomplish is such good advice - just take small steps at a time - like determining not to snack for just the first day. It's all about changing mindsets and habits that have put us where we are. Again, it's so difficult to exercise when we are overweight. I suffer from a lot of stiffness and can't bend easily but pottering around in the garden is where I'm starting. Gets the jobs done too! :) I also started off by trying to find inspiration and looked on the web and found this site. It's brilliant to come to first thing in the morning to get yourself psyched up for another day. By the way - cooking from scratch and eating healthily works out cheaper in the long run - there's another post on here: "Cheap and healthy recipes" - go find it - and good luck!

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I can sympathise a lot - I am in a pretty similar situation, University was not good for me and my weight and since graduating this has been even worse!! It is embarrassing when you meet an old friend from pre uni days, I really have been there several times but I'm using it as a motivator, along with the nice coat I have promised myself when I meet my weight goal;)

As some other people have suggested, I am working on changing 1 little thing a day or giving myself a weekly challenge. Some of the changes I have made are...

1. parking at the far end of a car park to make me walk further

2. eat a fibre-rich breakfast (porridge/wheatabix) 5 times a week

3. replace a biscuit/chocolate bar with low fat yoghurt

4. make it through to lunch without snacking 3 times a week (progressing this to 5 next week!)

5. each time I go for a walk/exercise, I add just 1 minute on per time

I'm only 2 weeks in but this has really helped me stay motivated and feel like I'm achieving something each day and week. Something I learned is to focus on the process, not the outcome!! You can do this, just stick with it and whatever you do, don't punish yourself for mistakes - stay positive!!

Good luck:)


Hi HelloHalley, as someone who's on a low budget, can I re-assure that it doesn't have to be expensive. You don't magically start spending less because you're eating less food, because you're right healthy things are often more expensive. I tend to go to a greengrocer rather than tescos for any top-up shopping during the week, as the worst temptation I can succumb to there is a punnet of nectarines or something. I don't get the tesco deals, but I'm also not buying things I didn't mean to buy, chocolate, wine etc.

Switching to 'healthy' food is more down to switching your mindset than buying into a lifestyle. If you follow the NHS 12 week plan, you'll notice you're only exected to tackle one aspect of healthy eating/lifestyle each week. By the end you should find you'll have made the transition pretty painlessly and be saving moneys too. Good luck :)


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