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Eating routine (tick!) Now to start C25K :D

Hello my fellow peas :D

Week one closing in and I'm feeling better than ever. All this fruit and veg seems to be helping my energy levels and I'm starting to feel more up beat. I am planning on starting my Coach to 5k adventure on Monday coming. Weigh in is on Friday and I'm planning on going back to the gym tomorrow morning before going to work at 1 pm. Better get some shut eye then signing out 11:31pm Night All xx

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hi there may i say with all that fruit and veg does seam to had color to your picture wow can you tell me what your on only joking. well done for your hard work its not easy trying to lose weight but its nice when it starts to drop of take care Alan xx


Watch out where you open couch to 5k...... Decided to investigate on my commute the other morning and I am not sure my fellow commuters were enthused to have 'Laura' inviting them to get fit for a walk..........worst of all the app wouldn't shut as they usually do ! Anyway a few calories will have been lost in embarrassment on my part!!!!! Good luck


Hi Sorenlorenson90, good luck starting couch to 5k, it was absolutely instrumental for me, tied everything together - got me much fitter and helped me improve my diet and stay motivated. Look out for the 'couch to 5k' forum on here too, any questions you have there's always someone there who'll know the answer. Good luck for your first weigh-in tomorrow too. Sounds like things are going well :)

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Thoroughly recommend c25k


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