Graduation and champagne woo hoo !!!!!!!

Graduation and champagne woo hoo !!!!!!!

Well, went to Cambridge to watch my daughter at her graduation ceremony, amazing it was a fantastic but tiring day. Could not believe how high the shoes were that she wore, obviously being the ancient nearly 50 year old, I wore flats, luckily really as I am known for my falling over skills(that's without alcohol as well)

The university gave a fantastic Champagne high tea, my poor little head nearly exploded with all the choices available, I had to remember others wanted some as well. Oh yes, I was trying to be polite and show I had manner( Even though my daughter knows me better than that lol) The best thing was all the sandwiches yum yum sorry, they are my downfall.

On way home, quite late at night said wonder daughter then said that she was still hungry and even though I wasn't next thing I knew I was eating chips nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

But hey new day yesterday and back on track, no mistakes and good walk so feeling more in control.

Woo hoo for future and fab at 50, just over a month away from the biggest 50 number birthday and really looking forward to it. I am the best weight I have been for years so this helps.

just over 4 stone gone and only another 3 to go, hey its more than half way and in my mind a good and positive start .

Hope you are all having a fantastic week and remember to believe in yourselves and be kind if things happen.

Remember no guilt as it just makes us eat more and we are all better than that. :)


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18 Replies

  • We are all human, we need off days, just not many of them! Glad you enjoyed today x

  • You are so right, but happily back on track now, so here's to a wonderful week for us all :)

  • Congratulations to your daughter on her achievements, what a wonderful day to share together. If this wasn't a suitable occasion for you to let go of your healthy eating for a day I don't know when would be.

    We are trying to learn to have a more 'normal' relationship with food. I believe that for those of us who have a large amount to lose, part of the journey we are taking, is to give ourselves permission at special times to eat more calorie laden foods. Because we have done this mindfully we are still in-control. I have found that this allows me to get back to my healthy eating plan quickly. For me this has worked, I have lost 8 stone in the last to years, what to other think?

    Jo, best wishes for the rest of your weight loss.


  • That's amazing and you are so right. We need to make sure it is not feast or famine but a sensible sustainable approach.

    Well done on your amazing weight loss, I know I can keep up my plan and lose the rest of this weight as its just sensible and a normal way of eating. Nothing faddy so manageable.

    Hope you have a great week :)

  • That lovely photo is proof of a lovely day Jo. Don't worry about the sandwiches and chips, my goodness, after the amazing job you've done losing 4 stone, it's a very minor blip.

    Fab at 50? you're fab at 49 :)

  • Bless you that's kind. Feel better now than I did 10 years as go as I believe in my self more now.

    Your right embrace 49 and be excited about 50

    Woo hoo go 49 !!!!!!!!!!

  • Love the photos and big congrats to you all!

  • Thanks it was an amazing day :)

  • My boy graduated last very proud. I was amazed at the emotion ....we did good girl!

  • Oh yes, go go go us !!!!!! Woo hoo

  • What a fab photo - and sounds like a really great day :-)

  • Best day ever. Mind you I have already done it twice before and it still is the best experience ever !!!!

    I am very proud of all 4 of them they have been my rock when life has been rubbish.


  • Congratulations on your daughter's graduation. My son graduated in July, what a great feeling. You are totally going t be fab at 50. Your weight loss is an inspiration.

  • Thanks, she is a star bless her. Even though I know I will not be at goal weight, I am so much better than I was a year ago. I have much more get up and go and at the moment with my health issues that is really important.

    I suppose my mantra at the moment is be glad of where you are and strive to move forward even if it is only with baby steps, everything counts.

    Have a fab coming weekend and hope you have had a good week so far :)

  • Hi Jo,

    Thanks for sharing that lovely photo of the two of you at your daughter's Graduation. You are both looking good and very happy!

    I like your advice to 'believe in yourselves and be kind if things happen' - very lovely advice!

    Hope you have a great weekend, it's nearly here!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Low cal

    Woohoo for the weekend, I am working both days, but planning to relax on both the afternoons and have mon and tues off.

    Hope you are having a fabulous week and that the weekend brings you lovely things

    Have a good weekend

    Jo :)

  • So which one is you in the photo? :)

    You must be very proud!

  • I am very proud she is amazing. I am the old pretend blond, not the gorgeous young one !!!!!!:)

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