So, with hubby on board for support and son tagging along too, the last two nights we went for short, slow family walks. The first night we walked along by the harbour and looked at all the boats and the sea, it was dusk and although quite breezy I wrapped up warm and it was absolutely lovely. The second night, we went through a woodier area, past the duck pond and fed the ducks nearly a whole loaf of bread rather than throwing it out (I'm not eating bread any more but son does and hubby if he's home). Took it slow and steady and felt quite ok. Unfortunately today the back is playing up so we are giving it a miss tonight (although I was actually looking forward to it!). Hoping to go for another walk tomorrow by the estuary this time, back permitting!

Still having no problems at all with going over calories, am well within my range. Leg still swelling but oh well, it's all sent to try us eh? If I don't lose weight on Monday I won't know why, but I'll still just keep eating healthily, that has to count for something, it's good for me if nothing else. Fingers crossed for a loss this week, however small it might be...I think I honestly deserve it!

Hope you are all having a fair week and heading "onwards and downwards" lol! :-)


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9 Replies

  • what an amazing effort you are making. It sounds like you have really thought about how you can make a change. It's wonderful that you have the support of your family as I am sure this will really help.

    Hope you have a fantastic week and get what you deserve :)

  • Well done WW, tremendous effort. I too have roped in the family in my quest to get active. Took OH and grandson this afternoon, ostensibly to pick blackberries, however all good intentions were cut a bit short, because it was freezing and not one of us had a jacket! :)

    Hope your back makes a speedy recovery and that you're able to get out for a walk tomorrow.

    Keep doing what you're doing and the scales will reward you. You're absolutely right, you deserve it.

    Onwards and downwards :)

  • Lovely you had a walk with your boy...good luck this week!

  • So glad you're enjoying your family walks. Hope your back feels better and you can walk tomorrow.

    Nic ☺

  • WW, Hi, I am curious about your swelling leg, I have one that swells every so often. Dr suggestion support stockings.....horrified by that at just 52, so more determinedly trying to shift the excess 4st I am carrying about. Love the MyFitnessPlan app, what a perfect method of monitoring everything you eat! I also share back issues, mornings particularly to struggle to get out of bed let alone walk!!!!! Hope you manage that walk this evening, estuarys are my favourite places. 😊

  • Hi Will-Power, sorry to hear you are having trouble with your leg too. I have a very prominent vein in the calf on that leg and it seems to go red and hot around the area of that vein, and the whole bottom section of that leg below the knee swells up, including foot and ankle, on a daily basis, getting worse as the day goes on. It's also very tender to the touch. I was given some cream for "superficial thrombophlebitis" a while back and I applied it as directed every day but it didn't make any difference really so I didn't bother to get any more. The only way to get the swelling down for me seems to be to elevate it to kind of drain the fluid off it, although the vein area still stays red and hot. I use a thick winter double duvet folded up at the bottom of the bed and a few varying thickness pillows underneath it, to make it more of a slope...the feet should be highest, higher than the knees, and the knees should be higher than the hips. So basically the top half of your body is flat on the bed, and the legs are on an uphill slope, starting at your bottom. They say the feet need to be higher than the heart. With normal rest at night and no rest during the day, the leg swells up like fury but I got sick of being on the bed for most of the day, and lying like that for hours and hours day and night isn't gonna do the back any favours either really! Support stockings weren't suggested for me, I don't know why. What about leggings? If you have some well fitting leggings with lycra maybe that might help...or I believe you can buy thick-ish support tights, although I don't know how well those suggestions would work. With winter coming, you could have the perfect excuse to try thick black tights with lycra eh? ;-)

    I am hoping that long term I will be able to improve things by losing weight and walking a bit, hoping that better circulation and less weight will help to solve the problem. It's a bit of a leap of faith, I am trusting in my body and hoping that the right diet and a bit of exercise will eventually sort things out for me. If that doesn't work, the way I see it is, I am all the better prepared to go back to the doctor and say, I'm trying, but it's not working, please can you look into it further?

    I think if your swelling is not happening all the time then definitely make the effort to keep on top of it, because now this is happening every day to me it's a complete pain in the neck (or leg - lol!). I don't sleep so well with the legs elevated but I make the effort to lie flat the first few hours of the night with them elevated and then toss away the duvet and pillows so that I am not locked into position and have back problems in the morning! Maybe you could try that and see if it helps you. Also I'd defo look at leggings or tights with lycra to see if they help too.

    Sorry if I am repeating myself, had some painkillers and a bit tired, I do tend to ramble on at times like these lol! I am always being told by my family that I repeat myself! :-/

  • PS I'm REALLY sorry I just realised I don't know if you are male or female...you might not want to go down the route of tights if you are male, although I say, each to their own...if you wanna wear tights go for it...I've seen guys in leggings and hell, their legs look better than most women -lol!

  • I loved reading that you were looking forward to your walk - isn't it great when we turn the corner and exercise becomes something we crave instead of loathe.

    Sorry to hear about your back and leg. Youth is SO wasted on the young! :)

  • Hi WeightWarrior,

    Your walk sounded lovely. Really great that you enjoyed it. Hope your back pain subsides soon and that you enjoy the walk you are hoping to do at the Estuary. Hope the weather is good for that.

    Have a lovely weekend, and here's to a good weigh-in on Monday - like you say 'onwards and downwards', all being well.

    Lowcal :-)

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