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Stress will not get the better of me!

Won't know my life changing news until Friday (could be Monday). Was suppose to be today!!! Normally I would fall off the wagon and use junk food and wine as my comfort blanket. I am posting on here to declare this won't be happening.

Interestingly the little person (Felicity) that roams my head told me I was very hungry. Yet I ate the exactly the same for breakfast two days in a row. It was my mind's reaction to the stress. So when I met with my colleague in the afternoon and gave her a slice of my homemade lemon drizzle cake, I automatically wrapped up my portion and gave it to her for later! Result!

I am gaining back my self respect and it feels good 😃😃

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I'm proud of you!

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Well done for holding out and withstanding a true test of character! I hope I can be as strong as you if I come up against any challenges and not use food for comfort too, you are inspiring!


I like your lemon-head tags! That's a real annoyance not to have heard today. But Friday is two days away, and if you can wait til then you can wait til Monday too. Think of all the time you've waited so far, a couple of extra days will seem very little.

I'm also getting a tiny disappointment here and there, namely in the form of a less than perfect contract for my new job (no sick pay, 2 weeks notice rather than 4, and the whole position will be reviewed after 6 months). Trying very hard not to over-react and slide inside a bottle of vino. Have got very good intentions this week to stick to herbal teas where possible. Have already had two today, a third may be necessary yet :)

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Hi Ruth - sorry to hear that your contract for the new job isn't what you hoped for. Whilst no sick pay is pants, the other terms could also work in your favour i.e. if you find something better (sounds like you are in demand), you only need to give them 2 weeks notice or stick out for 6 months to put on your CV but have something else more attractive lined up. You have to believe you have the power not them.

As for herbal teas, my fave at the mo is Cherry Bakewell Green Tea! And what I love to help with my water intake - hot water with a wedge of lemon. We are so rock and roll!!!

Ooh and you won't quite believe my new wine habit - a small glass every night rather than going crazy at the weekend. I think this should help with my blood thinning levels. Warfarin needs consistency - cannot deal with spontaniety esp with alcohol.

:) :)


Thanks for the tip about the cherry bakewell green tea! I've noticed Tescos now has a whole section just for flavoured green teas, I'll take a look. I've got a pukka selection pack at the moment, took a leap into the unknown. So I'm having a different tea each time, echinacea and elderberry, 'detox', 'night-time', etc.

Talked through my worries about new job with my bf this morning and feeling more positive, thanks, you're right, there are benefits for me in the arrangement. My bank account doesn't show any signs of me being particularly 'in-demand' though... Been sent a weird e-sign contract, it's disconcerting when all this stuff is just online and not real yet. Maybe that's part of your experience too, hope you hear something tomorrow.

I like the sound of a small glass of wine every day :) Maybe that's something I could aim for... but in meantime stayed dry last night, the stress didn't beat me, sounds like it didn't beat you too, yay :)


Well done lizzy....love lemon drizzle cake...so realise how big this was...and auto pilot. Brilliant.

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Woohoo - I love it :)

It makes us feel so good when we do even a small thing towards our weight loss goal doesn't it?

You should be very proud of yourself.