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So i've done so many diets over the past 5 years since having my 3 kids and i'm just getting heavier. I'm still so young and no i need to change so this has gotta be the last diet i ever do its go to work .. i have to stick to it!

So todays my first day i'm trying my hardest ive got fruit as snack as its low cal and ive been contiously snacking and cant go cold turkey

any support or adive would be greatful

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I think it's not so much a diet as a complete overhaul of how you eat and the way you view food. It has to be sustainable for life, so no good going crazily low calorie and then being hungry and "pigging out" as a result, you need to eat well but eat the right kind of food to keep you going.

I'd go to the NHS BMI Calculator...put your details in, height, weight, activity level etc etc and it will give you a daily calorie range specific to you. It seems the heavier you are the more calories you are allowed, and this will change as you get lighter (mine is irrelevant at the minute but I did try the input a few stone lighter and it did say less calories). Find it here:


There is a thing called my fitness pal which a lot of folk on here use. I just use the NHS calorie checker and read food packets where necessary:


I also keep a food diary, everything I eat and drink goes into a document and I save it under that day's date in a folder on my comp. That way, you can easily look back at what you have eaten and see where you might have gone "wrong" so to speak. I plan a 100 cal snack within my calories every single day, ready for evening times, which was always my worst time for snacking. So I know I have a little something when hubby and son might be eating a snack after dinner, and I don't feel left out that way.

I tend to waffle on so I will leave it there...use this forum, keep posting and commenting because the folk are great, they are supportive and have some great tips and ideas. Good luck on your journey!


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