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Half off and a step in the right direction

Hi lovely fellow slimmers

Happy to report a small loss of half a pound last night, been good all week and even abstained from my glass of red on Sat night as my husband was at the hospital with his dad and I didn't want to drink without him. Just as well I had a cup of tea instead!

I am delighted that up to now I have lost weight every week for the last 7 weeks, no matter how small that loss may seem.:)

Think my monthly cycle is playing it's part and hope for the final 2.5 off next week for my stone!

Holiday's coming up soon and I have committed to going back to class afterwards by signing up for another 12 weeks which will take me over Christmas and to the middle of January. Sisters wedding looming in spring so am confident that I will keep my motivation going!

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Congrats on your half pound off, especially if nature seems to be conspiring against you. Hopefully next week you'll get a more encouraging result. Great to read such a positive post. Hope this week goes just as well and hope your father-in-law is okay :)


All losses, large or small, deserve a celebration, so well done you! :)

Fingers crossed for the stone by next weigh in :)

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You're doing so well - congrats on the weight loss 😃


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