I left the gym and started losing weight!

I decided to join the weight loss group at the gym I attended. I was horrified and angry to be informed by the gym instructors running the class that the only way to lose weight was "to hammer the gym". Fortunately I have been dieting and using gyms long enough to know this is not the case, added to which I cannot hammer the gym even if I wanted to because I had an operation which means my big toe is fused and will not bend therefore I have to be more careful exercising. This was not the case with many of the women within this group who started going to back to back classes every day and couldn't understand why they were completely knackered and suffering the side effects.

Anyway as I say the attitude made me very angry but in an odd way it also motivated me, I cancelled my membership of this gym as I decided I did not want to be a member of any organisation which gave such bad advice to its members and have started dieting on my own. Since leaving the gym I have now lost 6lbs in 2 weeks (no a massive weight loss but a sensible one). I walk a lot anyway with the dogs, but will be upping my exercise over the next few weeks, but to anyone who is told "the only way to lose weight is by hammering the gym" I am here to tell you that is just not true!

Oh and to the gym in question, thanks for the motivation!


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10 Replies

  • That is amazing you lost weight without the gym! Thanks for the encouragement as y=the gym that I used to attend closed down and ever since than can't seem to lose but if you say just do tons of walking than I definitely will. Thanks for the motivation!

  • Sensible diet is as important as exercise. I know all this and still let myself yoyo diet. It is time for the yoyoing to stop and the new fitter me to emerge. I will do this and you can to bakersdozen!

  • Thanks for having faith in me. Yes I am going to stop yoyo dirt and just eat sensibly and walking tons so I will be healthier and fitter.

  • I totally agree it is what we eat but I find that I do exercise and that way I will eat healthier and than I lose.

  • Seems very wrong of the gym! Diet has always plated a bigger part, and yet many years ago, carbs were good, fat bad, how times gave changed

  • It's a shame you gave up on the gym, I think your instructor was being over-eager, some 'healthy types' can be a bit gung-ho in their approach. Do try to stick with some form of exercise, it not only increases weight loss, it boosts self esteem. I found a couple of good pages: dummies.com/how-to/content/... Even with a fused toe, could you do some weight training? It burns off the most calories, and even when you're body is resting, the fat continues to burn off. womenshealthmag.com/fitness... Good luck!

  • Leaving the gym doesn't mean I'm not exercising jane_ski. I understand both exercise and diet are important, however, a gym should not be advocating telling people that the only way to lose weight is to 'hammer the gym'.

    We have 4 dogs in our household and I walk them twice a day every day so do at least 4 walks per day 2 morning and 2 evening. I do at least 20,000 steps every day. I also do Zumba every Friday lunchtime it is on at work. The gym was additional exercise so I'm not doing extra zumba classes or my C25K training (which I was doing on the treadmill as it is easier on my foot than road running). I am currently looking for further zumba classes in the area and I will start C25K training again shortly.

  • Well done! Obviously you don't need to hammer the gym to lose weight, I'm in a wheelchair and have lost 30lbs, I couldn't hammer a nail quite apart from the gym. These myths make people think they are condemned to obesity for life if they have medical reasons why they cant gym or run. Being active helps but too much gym will slow down weight loss and make you regain faster.

    Well done again and keep it up

  • I had a stroke, and have sciatica and high blood pressure, and the doc. tells me I am heading for type 2 diabetes. so I am trying the five two diet. I have lost 7lbs of my 11stone weight. I am 77. I just keep trying.

  • What silly advice... Technically it's possible to lose weight without exercising, but obviously not advisable! And like you say, other sources of exercise are fine.

    I go to Badminton, and have been looking at tennis, upping my walking and am looking for other things, and these all help with fitness and weight loss.

    He probably wants to make them feel like they can never cancel their gym membership for fear of gaining weight again. It won't last long, a lot of them will stop having time for 3 exercise classes a day and will go back to not exercising at all...

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