Hi all

Not been on for a while and I have completely lost track of which week I am on. I seem to have come to a stop in the weight loss but that's OK. I have lost 2st1lb since January and I am happy with that. Didn't count calories last week and stayed the same. Will continue eating healthily and exercising. Hope you are all doing well. Will check in again soon. Xxxx


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4 Replies

  • For some the weeks must matter , a ay of keeping track, not something I do, near goal, so it's going to be slow for me , that's fine.

    Well done on your big loss, hope you keep motivated, not to slip back into old ways

  • Hi, well done on your loss, that's great! I went to your profile and it showed a post there which says "2 months ago" and the title was "week 12 weigh in"....

    "Hi all. I can't believe I have done the 12 weeks (but not done yet). Over the last 12 weeks I have lost 19lbs and since 1 January I have lost 25lbs and feel fab."

    I hope that helps you! :-)

  • Thanks for that. Trying not to let it rule my life just to keep eating healthily. Find it hard sometimes though.

  • I hear you...I think I'm into week 6 or 7 now but I literally have to monitor everything I eat, keeping a food diary etc. I have a feeling it will be like this for the rest of my life. If I stop, I will be slipping unnoticed extra cals in and I know it. I'm allowing it to rule my life for now as I need to lose so much weight that if I don't, I will kill myself anyway through being obese. Chin up, you are doing great, keep up the good work my friend! :-)

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