First weekly weigh in

I was weighed on the 1st of October and I was 17st 12 lbs. I was rather mirsable as this is the most I've been.

My boyfriend tried to cheer me up by making this first week into a competition, I did rather well but the past 3 days it got diffcult. Maybe it's because it was longer then a week or maybe the lack of chocolate and sweet food affected my mood and lack of energy.

I've learnt I need to eat 3 meals aday otherwise I crave "quick fixes" which ofcourse are high Calories food.

I have ate chocolate this week but the amount was very limited to what I would and could eat, I haven't done much exercise wise, but that will change this week.

Also my highly addicted GREEN monster (250 kcal) is replaced with a low mango energy drink (10 kcal) I know energy drinks are bad for me but at the moment it's about the weaning off.

My weight this week is

Kahlan 17st 8lbs - 4lbs

Daniel 18st 7lbs - 8lbs

Daniel won this week, but this only makes me more determent.



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16 Replies

  • Hi,

    4lb is a fab loss! I always find men lose faster - a good excuse anyway :)

    I try to buy 100 calorie, or thereabouts, bits of chocolate - there are lots of little ones available in the supermarkets but of course you must only have one. It certainly helps me avoid eating too much.

    Good luck with weaning off the energy drinks - you can't do everything at once so making gradual changes is probably best.

    Good luck for next week :)

  • Yeah my boyfriend likes to hide chocolate around the flat :D lol xox

  • Aldi choc ( mister Roth ) comes in mini bars at 145 cals, loving hazelnut and caramel, one bar us enough! Helps me being in small bars tho

  • Aldi mini Magnum type ice creams are great too - not sure on the cals but less than 150 I'm sure and less than the mini Magnums :)

  • Quite agree - these are my "go to" treat / choc fix. Very necessary!

  • Alpen light jaffa bars are my saviour, they are so tasty, good kick of orange and a drizzle of dark choc. I promise I don't work for the company, I just REALLY like them lol, and they are 70 cals!

  • Well done..have a good week this week..

  • Hi Kahlan, well done on losing 4 lbs this week that is a great start to your journey and it's great you and Daniel are doing this together, it can give you that extra push you need on some of the days and if your both watching what you eat then that's better for both of you making concious decisions together.

    My OH does this with me now after seeing the results I have got out of this and he counts calories using myfitnesspal and it has become a big thing in our house now. We work out together some days and do our own things as well. It's a great motivator and so is this community. Stick with the nhs 12 wk plan as it can be life changing, I know it has been for me.

    Good luck on your continued journey to both of you

    Trafford1 x

  • That's great to have the support, even if you're in danger of being undermined if Daniel's leaving chocolate around to try and trip you up! 4lbs is a great first week's loss. I find not only having 3 good meals every day is important, but also allowing for snacks. Plan some healthy snacks into your day, have them ready and know when you're going to have them. This helps to stop me overeating at dinner time, as I now manage my hunger with a mid-afternoon snack. Also dark chocolate is a great replacement for normal chocolate. It's not so more-ish, so you'll naturally have less. Lots of luck for week 2!

  • Hi Kahlan,

    We girls have to stick together, so I've got my pom poms out and am cheering away :)

    I agree with Sueper, that men tend to lose weight quicker (totally biased opinion :) )

    Go for it girl, you can do it! :)

    Well done you for being able to limit the amount of chocolate you eat, my addictive personality won't allow me to do that, for me it's a case of all or nothing :(

  • Hello - Firstly I would like to wish you both good luck on your weight loss journey - I too have an addiction to rubbish, chocolate being the main one. I have substituted eating chocolate (mostly) with popcorn - salt and sugar is 87 cals a bag - so that I wouldn't feel I was depriving myself. Oh yes, I realize it's a cheat but hey, we are only human but remember these substitutes will ensure weight loss takes longer!!

    The choice is yours so look forward to hearing your view.

    All the best


  • Popcorn, or cornflour does make me bloat as dies normal pasta, fine with bread tho strangely.

    Spelt pastas for m

  • Me

  • well done on the 4lbs!

    and well done for substituting your energy drink for a lower cal one! I do think its better to cut down or swap instead of completely cutting out as that's hard and your less likely to stick to that kind of diet!

    since ur both doing the weightloss plan how about buying a money box? every 1lb loss you have to put in a £1 and then treat yourself to a night away to a hotel or something with the money and your new slimmer bodies!

  • Well done to both of you. I'm sure you'll find each other a great support - and bring out the best in each other. Very inspiring - so keep us all updated as you go. What exercise is on the cards for next week?

  • Congratulations on your 4lb loss. That's brilliant! My go to treat is Naked bars of any flavour.

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