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Monday weigh in

Hi all, sorry didn't post last Monday work was manic and ended up doing silly hours! Managed my week 5 of couch to 5k and even managed the 20 min run on run 3. I was over the moon didn't think I would ever be able to do that! Weight today 12.11 so another 2lb off. Unfortunately come down with a virus in last 24 hours awful constant cough with yucky stuff and breathing is hard going so missed my run today and desperate to achieve my week 6. Any advice on running when you have a cough and cold, don't want to do any damage as had pneumonia 4 months ago.

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Hey niftyfifity - well done on that 20 min run. It feels great when you've achieved it doesn't it :-)

My understanding of colds and heavy exercise is don't if it is in your chest (which it sounds like it is). Can you go for some nice long walks instead if you feel like it, just to keep the fitness levels up ?


Going to see how I am tomorrow, might be weds before I run, gutted as I am on track at the minute! Running 20mins felt such an achievement just cannot wait to get back out there, cough has turned into full blown cold in last few hours! Bugs are one big pain in the bottom!


So glad you lost, another 2lbs, and lost 1lb! I know the feeling of being unwell, my bi polar is playing up, no swimming for me, yesterday or today, I hope you feel better soon.

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Hey nifty....well done you...my advice would be to take care of you! Be gentle...walk in the autumn sun and recover.

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