green pea crisps!

yes you read right!

there are crisps made from green peas! and rice! I think its like 68% green pea ingredients wise

im a crisp obsessive! tho cant eat the family sized bag of doritos by myself anymore due to the diet but I saw these in the co-op the other night and bought a few packets to try

the flavour/ taste isn't strong but they are likeable and better for u!

and less than 100 calories

so if u want crisps and still want to be good these are a good option

sweet chilli is my new fav!

I think these are going to start being more popular and in more stores soon


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7 Replies

  • Personally I like a bag of Skips, but hey I'm up for trying pea crisps. I did try Tescos carrot ones and they were vile!

  • Lol I love skips they r in my drawer at work, and space raiders, ring is, Tom toms etc at home.

    The carrot tesco crisps r horrid I agree! Morrisons ones r quite good tho but I couldn't eat a whole bag as they get a bit weird and sickly.

    The pea crisps are more like long wotsits and don't taste like peas as I hate peas lol

    Parsnip crisps r nice but often too high in fat and salt

    lol sorry I really love crisps and getting to talk about them :)

  • I'll have a look for these!

    I like parsnip and beetroot crisps but they are usually high in fat,

  • Like Dave says if ur disinclined enough then great! But if ur not and want something surely something like that is better than eating a big bag of full fat crisps etc?

  • I admire your discipline. Crisps and anything like them are my downfall - I really can not stop at one or two.

    If these help to stop you from eating worse things then pea crisps rock! :)

  • I was told my colesterol was too high, do avoid then when I can, I do love me potato hoops, plain crisps too!

  • I love crisps. Can't be left alone in a room with the big bag of crisps - Tyrell's, Kettle's etc or multi-pack snacks. I won't stop until it's all gone!!!

    For that reason I won't try the pea version in case I really love them 😁😉

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