I was on here several weeks ago and doing well,I lost track and started having too many sweets and cakes which I had managed to do well with while on here,I am now using less coffee ,so I guess I used the biscuits etc while cutting out the coffee,anyway no more excuses,back on here as I know it works,I read a post this morning and immediately knew ,Get back in there and share with others,I gained 7lb while away so back on track.Thank you for support


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13 Replies

  • Welcome back!

  • Me too. I really need to do this. No excuses.

  • Hi Scrit1

    Welcome back, as you already know just reading posts on here is what keeps so many of us motivated and on the right track. Good luck on your journey.

  • Hi Scrit1 and welcome back :-)

    Good for you being so honest with what happened when you tried to do it alone. The weight you gained will soon be history, put it all behind you and stick with this. It really does work as you know. So let's make a brighter future and take control.

    Good luck hun :-)

  • Thats what I love about on here ,people just continue to support ,thank you,I know it works I have heard the stories on here and also had good results ,but not alone

  • I was the same and gained 6 lb.

    But the great thing is that unlike other times in the past you have not given up and just kept eating you've pulled yourself out of the nosedive into the next bag of crisps or chocolate bar and are starting again.

    Well done - it takes guts and determination.

    You can do this - I know it.

  • Thank you Dave,this is very supportive,I had a good day today and stayed with the healthy eating plan

  • Hey scrit, welcome back...have a good week

  • Thank you

  • Hi, Im new to this but I thought Id offer my first bit of advice :L ... In case I feel tempted to eat any cakes and stuff on my current diet I have wrote on some sticky notes and stuck it to the cupboard with motivation quotes to loose weight and find it has really helped.

    Well done for not giving up and I hope you achieve your goal :) good luck :) !!

  • Thank you Sophie,I will do this and all the advice is much needed,a good day yesterday and I am going to meet my friend today with this positive note in mind,good luck to you also

  • Great to have you back. :)

  • Good to be back,thank you

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