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Well after getting some help about my binge eating off here I have managed to lose 4 pound in a week so I am now happy to say I am 13.5 I will be so happy when I get down to 12 stone and even more if I can reach my goal of 11 it's a long process but this was only my first week and never felt this positive after only a week about losing weight thank u every1xx


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8 Replies

  • Absolutely brilliant. Amazing start to achieving your goal. It's not easy but once your in the swing of it will gain momentum and having a good start is fantastic for motivation. Well done !

  • Hopefully can keep it up its the binge eating I have trouble with but finding new methods all time to cope x

  • It's Definatley trial and error to find what works.

    I've done the don't buy it in, but then have gone silly on Friday night as a suppose treat.

    Trying find alternatives that don't include self rewarding with food which is total misnomer lol.

    Any hints and tips greatly appreciated.


  • I use to use every pound loss u put in a jar to get something nice for myself.

    A new diet drink or etc hope that gives u few pointers x

  • Well done Emma!! Four pounds is fab!!

  • That's great Emma. Both the weight loss and getting help for the binge eating. I finally got some help last year and it is amazing how "helpful" that was!. Have a good week.🎶

  • Well done on your 4 lb loss this week that's great and for taking control back. You can do this, you really can :-)

  • Hi Emma, enjoy the journey!

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