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Lets get back to it!!!!

Hi Guys

Been off this site for a while now, been telling myself to get back on it, focus has been a little off these past few months so im going to get back on track and sort myself out - My weight i cant be-sure of exactly at this moment i don't think ive been gaining majorly or losing at all.......

As ive mentioned previously my reasons for doing this and my future goals, all this is etched in my brain and will always stick with me i just need to execute this process and be one with myself..

My problem is defiantly "sticking to it" i can plan my meals and exercise but i think an unwelcomed change messes with my "plan" or complete "Boredom" and "Stress" changes everything then nothing is safe...

I know what to do mentally i know why i want to loose the weight i know what changes to make i also know the positives it will make to my life in general, Nearly all the reasons are selfish i'm doing this for me and only me, to look better feel better &many many more reasons

Today is the 12/10/2015 and with previous years as an example Christmas is always my downfall so my thoughts are a healthy and positive few months before should set an example without the major weight gain then the sluggish start to the new year...

Thanks for reading - any positive pointers would be appreciated!!

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It's tough ' knuckling down' to it! I've spent years addressing my relationship with food, I think in the last month, my appetite has deminished.

Maybe it's because I'm 53, and nearly at goal?

A good few years ago, I asked myself why foods comforted me, the how's and whys, yes I believe it is set in childhood, sugar primarily given to babies as comfort, hence we start relating to it as such.

A while into my change I gave up chocolate and coffee ( almost coffee, I allowed myself 2 a day), due to extreme 'flushes', since then I'm not so addicted to coffee.

Address these issues, and ask, why and how, association I expect, a lot of what we do is habit, distract yourself.........

We now are bombarded with food ads/ recipes /and food outlets, making us feel better or so they claim.

Take care, I hope this helps x

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Me too, it was all going so well many I don't even know what happened for me to lose track!! Starting back today and more motivated than ever.

Do you use myfitnesspal? That app has been a lifesaver for me, and so quick and easy to use! Personally it really helped control my eating, especially if you are good at planning meals in advance.

Keep focusing on your goal, good luck! X


Couldn't have put it better! I have been exactly the same. No more messing about and excuses this weight has to come off!! Good luck with your weight loss. Positive thinking x

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Reading your post and Nsky24 reply sounds so familiar; so many times I have started out over the past 24 months determined to commit to achieving my goal yet to fail. Nsky24 point of relationship with food is so right and often been my personal undoing.. Hard day or stress.. Deserve something nice to comfort me, but it's all a misnomer as all that happens is feel bad for falling off the wagon and then you have to walk miles to burn it off!! Lol

So what needs to happen?

Definatley changing relationship with food

Find another way to be kind to oneself

What about a walking group or other social activity to help with boredom

Any ideas welcome as I to am starting over .

Good luck I'm sure we can all achieve contentment with ourselves


Morning, im the same as I also struggle to keep at it!! Last few weeks Ive not been on track!! Going to do from today!! Good luck to you also...lets keep a positive attitude!

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Hi Rjay

Why not try just to be kind to yourself. If someone told you at the onset you would find a diet or lifestyle change that meant on occasions you would have experienced week periods where you would struggle but you would regard it sufficiently so that you would be drawn back to it you probably wouldn't have turned a hair. This is not like typical Yoyo diet, where you are go off track and are left think, that the diet was rubbish or just not for you. The fact that your happy to get back on it, and are so focused, and know exactly what to do is such a plus. We are all here to help. Get back on it and let us all know how your getting on. Good Luck.

Dave x

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I have same problem I lose weight one week then all back on the next why and all the temptations at Christmas just can't resist having just a small piece of this to try then a small piece of that all mounts up people say go to a gym I can't I've had a suberanoid hemorage of the brain and strokes why are there so many temptations


I have done just the same,started off really well and then out came the biscuits and crisps and using visitors as my excuse,thank you for sharing this I now am coming back on board today also .

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Me too. Doing so well then coffee and cake with a friend or an unplanned day or two of eating bits of this and that. The thing that has made me determined to get back to sensible eating is that I'm feeling rubbish but when I'm eating properly I feel really good. So... Back to it today. Good to know that you are not alone.


Sounds familiar to loads of peeps on here, me included! I've been off track for a few months actually and put back one of the 2 stones I lost. It's not a disaster, but it's not where I intend to be. That pair of jeans is still hanging in the wardrobe waiting to be worn! Am going to chug along with you if that's OK and do what I know has to be done. It's not difficult, it just takes planning. All the best to you and others who've replied.


Wow, you lot really motivate me. I've struggled the last few months too, I'm glad I've joined and now know I'm not the only one.


Hi, I find posting an replying to posts works for me..keeps me in the zone and away from the fridge!


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