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Actual diet plan?

Hi everyone

So this website doesn't actually give you a set diet plan?

Just advice on healthy eating and sports activities?

also, is there another similar webpage by the NHS that would explain what exercises to do to obtain very specific results, i.e. fortifying certain muscles?

Last, but not least, i know many people who do sport and want to lose weight/gain muscles drink shakes of various kinds... any suggestions about these?

thank you!

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Well it's a support forum, not a paid or diet plan centre, the NHS 12 week diet plan lots choose to follow


No FranciT its just us lot here, a lot of like minded people, men and women, who support each other, commiserate with each other, and offer help to each other when we can. And its GREAT ! the best forum I have ever joined, and the only one that's ever helped me.

Good luck !


The NHS 12 week weight loss plan is a set of unfolding tools for adopting a more healthy lifestyle which will lead to weight loss. It involves modest calorie restriction and the NHS recommended levels of activity. Usually people also make use of calorie content tools - books, apps etc as well.

The NHS also provides a Strength and Flexibility podcast programme, and a 'Couch to 5K' running podcast programme (gets you running for 30 minutes, regularly, plus a top-up suite of programmes if you are interested in speed) On the NHS Choices website there are lots of other stretches.

You could pay a sports therapist or physio if you have other targets, and loads of internet and magazine resources. I like Ekhart Yoga (subscription website) - who have lots of short free offerings on YouTube with some targeted sessions.

Set diet plans and shakes from my observation seem to be mostly about hobby dieting rather than permanent adoption of a healthy lifestyle but I don't know...they might be effective but tend to be adopted by those who are looking for a quick fix and thus haven't yet made the necessary psychological change anyway.


Well know blood type addresses diet from a different viewpoint, jot so much to lose weight, to cure ailments and stuff.

Dr D'Adamo has lots going on, and practices in the states, heavy going stuff, having read the book


its not really a diet plan, if you want one of those I would suggest weight watchers etc

most people on here are doing their own thing as everyone eats different foods, its more support for reducing your calorie intake and for lifestyle changes

most of us have tried the set plans and it hasn't worked

i.e the protein diet or Atkins etc - these could work for some but they make most rebel and stop the diet

theres lots of info on what foods are good/better etc its just working out what you want to do


hi, franciT,

this site is not a follow-my-leader place, it lets you make the important decisions of how to eat, rather than what to eat: BUT there is shed loads of info and feedback to read through, digest and act on if you see fit.

you could consider starting with the calorie counter on the main page to see where many of your present calories come from, there is also a 'menu' to download every week once you register an interest.

but if you do need 'company' on your new regime, there are apparently apps (?) that measure cals and things and stuff-non of which I understand. so lots of help out there (here).

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Lots of evidence to show that forums such as these really work...and is working for me...so have a go if you think you would like a little encouragment


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