Fat, unfit & 56

I am feeling very unhappy with myself right now.

I am 56 years of age, 2 stone overweight and very unfit.

Exercise and I just do not mix and I lack any motivation.

I work full time in a fairly stressful job and seem to think my only way to relax and de-stress is in a bottle of wine.

I have no friends outside of work and tend to do everything with my Hubby who is as bad as me for motivation and exercise.

I really want to change all of this around and get fit, slim, motivated and moving.

Can anyone help or am I passed all salvation !! ??



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17 Replies

  • Hi there. I can help u if u want to help ur self! May I ask you question? What do your have for ur breakfast Today!

  • Branflakes, skimmed milk and a little sweetener

  • ok so other body contain hundred trillion cells in those hundred trillion cells need 140 different minavit vitamins and minerals everyday. what we believe if we fix our Nutrition specially the breakfast will start losing weight. That our Meal should be balance meal. 30% Protein, 40%Carb, 30% good source of Fat Like Omega3.

  • Hi Kazzerb,

    Welcome to the forum. Firstly, I don't think you're past all salvation - and especially as you've come to a forum like this with the hope of losing weight and gaining some fitness.

    Have you looked at the NHS 12 week plan? You can access it via the icon above - the one in the top middle of the screen entitled 'Weight Loss NHS' - you need to go to the pages where you can download the 12 week plan - it's worth a look, and it's got a great structure and is full of helpful advice.

    Also, if you like the idea of a Group Weigh-in, why don't you join us for the Monday Weigh-in Group tomorrow? I post the thread just before 7am every Monday, and it's quite a large group of like-minded enthusiastic people who come together to weigh-in. There are the Fab 5'ers (myself, Prin, Suzybenj, Candystripe and Ruth_Canal_Runner) and one or more of us aim to respond to everyone who joins us for that weigh-in.

    So do join us if you want to. You would be very welcome.

    Wishing you a great week, and whatever you decide to do, I wish you well and hope that you have lots of success with your goals.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi.

    Thank you so much for your answer. I have downloaded the info and will print it off when I get to work tomorrow.

    I am so glad I have found this forum and intend to log in daily.

    Thanks again

  • It's never too late! Take heart, I am still about 8-9 stone overweight and I'm quite a bit younger than you - I have a lonnng way to go! We are all at different stages here, some starting out, some maintaining after reaching their goal, but the main thing about this forum is that we are all behind each other, the support is fabulous. Keep posting and commenting, it will motivate you, I am 99.99999% sure of that. Let's do this! :-D

  • Thank you.

    I am really keen to do the couch to 5k. I don't know why as I wouldn't usually run to cross the road but, this somehow appeals to me.

    I have printed out the 12 week programme and will read that through after work tomorrow and then make a start.

    Thanks again.

  • Well here you are, you've arrived, so you intend to change!

    The others in their postings, have given their views, here are mine! Start with simple things such as stairs at work, brief walks ( from bus stops or whatever to work).

    Plan a dirt food plan, whatever you choose and divide your day in 5 bits, breakfast, mid morning snack,lunch, mid afternoon snack and dinner.

    I tend to always keep my snacks 'topped up' in my handbag, esp if I'm late home or very hungry, stops further damage.

    Also what works for me are fab teas, currently a big fan of butter mint tea by twinings, has a murrymint style flavour it, maybe it will help you too?

    Good luck and take care xx

  • Hi Nsky24,

    I had to laugh, as you wrote 'dirt food plan' and I was then wondering what kind of plan that might be - I am assuming it's a typo and you meant 'diet'? :-)

    I'm going to have to try that Butter mint tea you mention - it sounds tasty!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Lollll I thought dirt food was probably healthy stuff which you really don't like the taste of but had to eat anyway to stay on track, didn't occur to me that it was a typo - thanks lowcal! I'm chuckling away here lol :-D

  • Ha ha, you've got me laughing too now! :-)

  • Yes I did, my bi polar is making me feel a bit disorientated, ( and very tired) swimming cancelled as not fit to drive!

  • Sorry to hear your swimming is cancelled. Maybe you need a bit of a rest, as you're very tired. You take care.

    I've just realised we're all chatting in Kazzerb's thread.

    Kazzerb will come back later and find lots of discussions going on here. Good community spirit going on though! :-)

  • Well it's one of those things, I'll get over it, all encouragement too, he may find it quite funny!.?

  • Hi Nsky24,

    Kazzerb is a woman, but I think she'll find it funny too. It made me and Weightwarrior laugh quite a bit. It's good to laugh - definitely lightens the day! :-) Hope you have a great evening. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • I love this !!! I have laughed so much. I really feel part of this group now. Thank you all so much xx

  • Morning Kazz...off course your not passed salvation!! It is hard when your working all day to feel you want to excercise but find something you enjoy, maybe swimming, walking...if you enjoy it its easier to stick to it!! Im 50 and I think at this age its harder to lose weight also...metabolism changes!! I need to step up my exercise this week, been lazy last few weeks and I need eat no junk!!!! 😭!! We can do this...all the best!!

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