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Who will win?

This has been very interesting, as I wanted my weigh in on a Monday I've had to wait a few more days so my week feels like it has taken forever. I knew it will feel this long so to keep myself motivated my boyfriend and I have a wager, if I lose the most weight this week I get stuff from lush, and if he loses the most weight this week he gets his game. Also to make us want to try even more I haven't used anything from lush. NOTHING! And it's been 10 days.

I can't stop thinking about what I'm going to use. The bathbomb I will use and oh which soap, I can't forget about the shampoo as I brought a new one and haven't been able to use it (cos of the bet) and conditioner. Ohh the fact I've gone without makes me think about anything I am about to eat, Do I really want that? How bad is it for me? Will it make me happy?

Have any of you thought about rewards for after you have lost weight, or a big reward after a decent weight loss. Does it help motivate you. I know some people use chocolate as a reward and I always thought yeah that's a great idea, but I guess it depends how much you use or set yourself as a reward. Wouldn't you therefore think of chocolate as good and rewards instead of something that is unhealthy.

I will keep you informed on who has won and by how much :)

Kahlan 17.12

Daniel 19.01

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Good luck with your weight loss competition :) What a great idea.

I reward myself by saving £1 for every lb I lose. I also save extra for hitting certain targets and £5 for every bin liner of clothes I donate to charity because I have shrunk out of them :)

I am planning to buy a leather jacket with my savings. I also rewarded myself with a nice pair of boots when I lost 50 lb.

I hope you enjoy your winnings :)


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