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Day 3

Ok so this is day 3 counting calories. Day 1. I measured everything and counted calories and was shocked at the hidden calories I have been eating. However, making the right choices I had loads to eat, so I wasnt hungry.

Day 2. My husband and I had a day out together went to Jamie Oliver's restaurant for lunch it was so difficult to count calories. In the evening we were invited to our friends where she had supper of cheese and biscuits .

I counted as best I could but went well over my allowance.

Today back on track and feel guilty about day 2.. What is the best way to recover? Draw a line under it or try to make up what extra calories I used?

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Best way is to draw a line and then try and be good in the next few days. I have learned from this forum that you can easily undo the bad you have done in say two days, if remaining five days of the week you do pay attention. Whereas if I hadn't asked here, I would have considered the whole week ruined because of a bad beginning, but it's not like that. Be strict in the next coming days and hopefully on day 7 when it is time for your next weigh in you might be pleasantly surprised. Many people still see a loss even if one or two days were off the plan.

As for hidden calories yes when I started I had the same schock. I realised I could easily down 6 to 800 calories worth of crisps in one seating and not think anything of it. Calories did not mean anything to me even though I had heard of them. But it is only now that it all makes sense to me.

Wishing you all the best for the rest of the week!


Thank you for help. What you said makes sense. Each day is one day nearer to where I want to be 😄

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Hi! KizzyD01!

You are doing fine!

To me, this is not a diet, this is now a lifestyle. I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life without chocolate, burgers, roast potatoes or pate, so *nothing* is banned from my diet - but if indulge, I just have to be a bit more careful for the next few days. For instance, I had a wobbly few days last weekend as it was my daughter's 17th birthday. The in laws came over and we went for a meal out, there was bithday cake (2 of them!) and baklava (a favourite sweet treat of mine!!) So I indulged, to the point where I have up trying to count the calories!! I jumped on the scales yesterday and had lost 1lb!!!

So, relax - get back on track, and you will be fine!

Good luck!


Life is for living, we can not totally afford calorific situations ! What we can do is make better choices, dinner of cheese biscuits didn't allow much hope tho.

Be a lot more aware this week, and hopefully you will lose in time for your next weigh in.

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