Hi everyone this is my first post i really need help with losing weight . i have a lot of health problems arthritis fibromyalgia and bowel. I'm 64 and my mobility is bad, I've never heard of weight loss NHS , where can i find the 12wk. Diet , it's really getting me down i' 16 st 12lbs ive been stuck at that weight for yrs and i have to watch what i eat to stay at that weight. Exercises are no good because of my pain level. I better finish now as it's turning into a really long moan , sorry about that. .


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  • Hi Rosie-2015,

    Welcome to the forum. You asked how to find the NHS 12 week plan, and so I'm just pasting you the link, so you can access it easily:

    Please don't apologise for the length of your post, you described it as a 'really long moan' but honestly, you are just saying how your situation is currently, and it must be really tough trying to deal with your health issues. People on this forum enjoy reading people's posts, and sometimes it can really help to talk openly about your feelings - or just 'vent' if it's helpful. So don't apologise. Your post summarises your situation quite succinctly, and I really hope that you'll find lots of support and encouragement here - we have a Monday Weigh-in group too, which I post just before 7am on Mondays, and you'd be very welcome to join us for that, if you fancy it.

    Just post and respond to posts, and you'll soon get to know other people on the forum. They are very friendly, supportive and hopefully you'll enjoy being part of the community.

    If you decide to try out the NHS 12 week plan, then I would like to wish you a great 'week 1' - whatever you decide to do, I wish you success with your weight loss journey.

    Hope to see you round and about in the forum.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks lowcal I've downloaded the first week and i think I'll try to start on monday, I'll also try the weigh in. Everybody's so friendly on this site i look forward to following the posts 😀

  • Hi Rosie,

    Great to hear you're going to join us for the weigh-in.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks lowcal that's me away to bed, listening to my audio book lol night night😀

  • Hi bigleg thanks for getting back to me I've looked at the other sites and i will be trying out some of the ideas especially less wheat i might try a baked potato with my tuna in stead of making a sandwich😀

  • Welcome Rosie, you'll love it and reply to posts and you'll find that you'll get into the right frame of mind to achieve your goals...good luck.

  • Thanks portlandprincess i'm really hoping to get a few tips on here everyone is so friendly rosie

  • Hi Rosie...hope you're still going strong!

  • Hi Rosie- everything that's been said is right - everybody is very friendly here and non judgemental, and I can vouch for the fact that they do not mind a "good old moan" as that's pretty much all ive been posting for weeks ! Im 64 as well, pretty immobile, due to (apparently) hip bursitis ( still waiting confirmation) and trying to shed some weight ...non specific amount, anything would be good :D

    So welcome to the forum, and if you want a little private moan, come on over to my house and we can sit and moan together - pm me any time :) good luck xxx

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