All my life

I've joined this weight loss plan and don't know why, i have struggled with my weight all my life nearly and been too so many slimming clubs.Taken so many tablets n tried so many exercise regimes am now 5ft 1in and 19 stone !! i need help seriously but when i mentioned to gp about orlistat or surgery i got fobbed off . Really worried about my health my emotional health as been suffering my work life and social skills are suffering as well . Kinda Depressed i dream of being thinner :( Battled all my life to be thinner and feel no one cares to help as i tried years to help myself and failed.


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  • Hi Lou, read this and see if it helps

    Good luck.

  • I'm going to bold, blood type diet works, it's a different way of thinking, and explains the whys and how's.

    Peter D'Adamo has a website, it's all quite complex, it makes complete sense,I follow it roughly, for example,I can't cope with cornflour and pasta, theoretically I shouldn't be ok with bread but I am, thrive on red meat.

    All very typical of an O blood type!

    Look at how you see food and your relationship with it too

  • Hi Nsky,

    Sounds really interesting, never heard of this but going to have a look. I don't know my blood group but I'm open to a read.


  • You can buy a kit online, it's about £8 and will tell you your blood type

  • Thanks Nsky, once back from hols will have a look


  • I'm the same and funnily, also 5 ft 1 :)

    I'm sure you can do it! I've only recently started loosing weight properly and I use to be the worst at it! All I can recommend is plan your meals, get use to cooking healthy meals from scratch and make exercise a sociable activity so it's more enjoyable and less of a chore.

    Good luck and I hope you do it!

  • Hi Lou,...I know you will have heard this before...but do be kind to important....we'll be your cheerleaders and this is such a good site. Start posting and reading , replying to has helped me to keep my nose out of the really does work if you invest your time into the twelve week plan too...go girl!

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