I googled 'Help I need to lose weight!'

My weight has gradually increased over the past couple of years. A busy job, lack of exercise and lack of self control with eating have led me to become a weight I feel uncomfortable with. After putting a further half stone on when I went on holiday and coming back and realising none of my clothes fit, I realised I needed to take action. A week ago I googled 'Help I need to lose weight!' and came across the NHS diet plan. I already love it, such easy healthy food options and a sensible approach to dieting. I aim to lose 2 stone. I've already lost 5 lbs in my first week. I just hope I can keep this up, especially as Christmas is approaching!


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  • I too would love to lose two stone. My issue is all the health diet suggestions assume you have a normal diet. I have never eaten fruit, vegetables or meat and can never find any suggestions for menus. I feel my diet is balanced, for example I drink fruit juice and eat dairy produce and even have a higher fibre diet than many, I think it is just I work in a sedentary job, work long hours and have a weak chest which means what little exercise I can do is very limited. I even drink nearly two litres of water a day.

    May be I am just making excuses.

    Well done you for trying ... you are giving me hope.

  • what do you eat?

  • I have porridge for breakfast every morning. I have fruit tea, because I am not allowed caffeine (tea, chocolate, and coffee). My lunch is usually a wholemeal bread bun/two slices of bread with either pate or cheese slice (something like smoked Bavarian), and for tea I vary between sausage, sausage roll, fish (cod, haddock, plaice) or birds-eye chicken in breadcrumbs with either chips, croquettes, rosties, oven roast potatoes or boiled potatoes. I only drink water at work and again I have fruit tea with my evening meal. For supper I have a pint of skimmed milk.

    I have never smoked, do not drink alcohol and am not a big lover of fizzy drinks. I will occasionally have a 7Up if I am out.

    My only vice is I like sweets, but even then I buy kiddies size packs which means there are only 80 calories per go and only limit myself to a pack a day.

  • Hi Johnny-One!

    From the little detail you have given, I wouldn't say yours was a terrible diet.....but it's probably not the most balanced either!

    Try using the myfitnesspal app. I do and it really opened my eyes, as you can track not just calories, but fats, sugars, fiber and carbs. You would probably surprise yourself!

  • I'm struggling to see how you think your diet is balanced.

    There's almost as much sugar in fruit juice as in coke and all the fibre has been stripped out of it.

  • Why do you never eat fruit or veg, unless you have allergies or hate them

  • I do not like meat, fruit, vegetable or anything in sauces. I have worked throughout Europe and on projects throughout the world. People have tried to suggest why my food tastes are so limited, but I just accepted that I am strange ... I have never liked food the way others do. It is not an enjoyment to eat, just a necessity.

    The things I do like I eat.

    I do not think I am allergic to any thing.

    The only thing I find with diets is they all assume a normal way of eating and put menus together that have stuff I just do no like. At restaraunts I may find one or two menu options I can eat, and even then I often say without X or Y. You go to a sandich bar and their cheese sandwices comes with onions or tomotoes or cress or lettuce ... Yuk! why does it say cheese sandwich if it has other things in it other than bread and cheese?

    I think I was the only boy scout that did not like beans. I just don't bother, but what gets me is people think they are doing you a favour by adding things. Don't get me started on the likes of Jamie Oliver, he may love food but not all of us do!

    Sorry off my soap box now.

  • Well they don't! Masses of folk avoid nightshade veg, due to arthritis, lots have various needs, most of them s like some fruit and veg

  • Hello.......

    I reckon we can all relate to this, I found that fav herbal teas help with the night nibbles, in fact I don't anymore, unless rarely I ' m hungry!

    Distraction is w big thing too, gone are the days of mindless nibbling.

    I would suggest near Christmas to buy Gu puds, they are portion controlled luxury choc deserts, I find that things in portion packs reduce temptation, in my mind it seems easier.

    Maybe a nibble box of say, carrots, peppers and celery would help in your fridge, I do tend to nibble on carrots, mange tout and celery.

    Wishing lots of positive thoughts, and maybe smaller plates ( I have relatively small French ones).

    Take care xx

  • Well done for an excellent start :)

    Don't expect to continue losing 5lbs/week, 1 - 2lbs/week is the expected average, especially if this is to be a long term thing and not a quick fix.

    Good luck for the rest of your journey.

  • I have to agree with you!

    The nhs plan is amazing, as we re-learn to eat a sensible diet - and it seems to be the most effective diet I have ever tried!

    Good luck!

  • I've never checked it out, I've just sorted stuff out for myself

  • Prior to changing the way I eat there were a number of healthy foodstuffs I would avoid. you diet cannot be described as balanced. The fruit juice really is full of sugar.

    You could try smoothies made with a powerful blender like the nutribullet. Recipes usual contain a balance of fruit and veg and all the fibre is retained.

    Have chicken without the breadcrumbs and I would guess that this also contains quite a bit of fat.

    Try to avoid processed foods and get into cooking. By cooking it yourself I'm sure you would be more likely to try other foods and you may get to enjoy it.

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