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This time I'm going to do it!

Week 1/Day 1

So today I've downloaded the 12-week plan and I sit here with a glass of water and a banana next to my computer - instead of the normal can of pop and a packet of biscuits!

I've got a big year next year - tickets for Glastonbury festival and a holiday of a lifetime to Florida and desperately don't want to look back to photos with me being my current weight! The heaviest I've ever been at 13st 1lb.

This time i'm going to do it - instead of yo-yoing backwards and forwards - but as I work for myself at home I don't have the camaraderie of office colleagues to keep me on track! So I'm going to need your help to keep me going ....

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Good luck! I am heavier than you and have a lot to lose. Into week 1 now - weigh in tomorrow - definitely not been a perfect week, but I have stuck with it, logging cals on my fitness pal has helped - even when I went over by a lot one day, I didn't just abandon for the week as I have been doing of late.


Great start. I love how bananas fill you up and have nutritional goodies like potassium. I take one to work every day so I don' get tempted to raid the biscuit tin. If you work at home you don't get that journey to work and the walking about to see colleagues either. I hope you're building activity into your day. You can totally do this and change your lifestyle for the better.

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Hi KayBea,

Good luck - I'm into week 9 now and it's definitely achievable. I've managed to finally cut out snacking, because like you I work from home - going to the fridge, rather than tackle that boring piece of work I've been putting off was a very bad habit !

There is lots of camaraderie on here, which will offer you support, motivation, commiseration, music ear worms, recipe tips, advice - anything you might need. And it works !!

My hints are to plan as much as possible - are you using something like myfitnesspal to log calories if that's the way you are tackling it ?

There is a Monday weigh in thread run by Lowcal, and if you are into walking, cycling, running - we have a distance target thread to keep us going.

Good luck and keep posting lots :-)


Hello KayBea, you have already taken the most difficult step of starting your journey. I am just starting week 12 and can honestly say that the support and motiviation provided by the forum has kept me focused on my target. My weight loss has been steady rather than drastic but I am looking upon this as a lifestyle change for life rather than a diet which will come to an end in a few weeks. The weekly weigh in thread on Monday helps to keep you accountable. Good luck on your journey, keep reading/posting here you will find an awful lot of inspiration from fellow members.

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Well done! You also don't have work colleagues to distract you or tempt you with cakes etc (we have doughnut Friday at my workplace...grrrr)

I think the only way to crack this is to do it for you...just look forward to seeing your beach shots in Florida!! ;)

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Many thanks for all the support guys!

This is the danger time for me - daughter off to bed - and more work for me to do - that's when I start picking! Must .... stay .... strong!

Tomorrow I'm going to get on the treadmill - or at least that's the plan ....

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Fab, so you've started, tough at first, you do not have the distraction of colleagues and their 'birthday days' or treat Friday's, I work for a bakery chain, it's tough with all the temptations!

I always eat protein for breakfast scrambled eggs, nut butter on toast 1 slice, or pancakes , yes you heard me.................2 eggs, 1 banana blended, and lightly fried in olive oil mist spray, ( 245 cals) , add in some fruit, add a dash of syrup.

If I'm not feeling hungry, less distracted, loving my herbal teas now.

Take each day as it comes, accept the odd bad day, and think of you and the new body as motivation, you have bags of time to do stuff, and you will feel so much better with every pound lost.


Well done - keep it up! I'm with you. Just started the diet plan too and also have a Florida holiday next year! I looked huge on this year's holiday snaps. I really want to shift 2 stone. Not easy when you're working from home. Good luck!


Welcome KB :)

I wish you all the best for your journey.


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