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So 4 week gone!

has been a month since i joined this program and community, I FEEL GREAT!

Yesterday weight check was pleasing: I've lost 0.5kg and AN OTHER cm on the waist!!!!! (That's the thing that amazed me most!)

SO since i started, be aware i never tell my weight to nobody (no even my boyfriend knows)

I was 79,5kg and 94 in the waist NOW I AM 76,2kg and 87

-3,3kg not much but 7CM IN THE WAIST!!! is A LOT!

and my BMI is now down to 29.3 (was 29.9 i've almost reached the obesity)

I'm happy of my results and expecially because i think that are life changings not the usual diet.

(sorry for my english guys I hope everybody get it anyway! I'm so tired today!)

THANK YOU EVERY BODY for the support!



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Hi Giagy,

Great result, 0.5kg and another cm off your waist, it's all good😃

Have a great week


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Congratulations on your loss. If must feel really great to lose these cm off your waist, gotta love the way clothes feel better on you with less fat in the way. Keep up the good work, you're doing great!

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Well done, good going! Keep it up.

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You have every reason to be excited :)

I'm so pleased for you and I wish my waist would take a leaf out of your waist's book :)

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Well done. I wish I had taken measurements and pictures too as certain things are changing much quicker than I thought! What a great result keep up the good work!!

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Well done you.

10 months into,my diet before I started to take measurement and photograph. I certainly had lost weight everywhere but my belly fat was still massive to my eyes. In the last 5 months alone my waist has gone from 44 inch to 35'inch and the monthly underwear profile photos really show this. I have found it to be a great motivator.

I wish I had done this right from the start.

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